Disabilites and Web Design

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Many website designers with test their website religiously for functionality and coding errors before they make the final version live. This testing often does not involve the compatibility issues for people with disabilities. In this series, we will look at the different ways websites can be tweaked to perform better for the disabled browser.

Web Design for the Hearing Impaired

Web development can be changed up a bit when the hearing impaired viewer is kept in mind. These viewers will need special attention when the site will exhibit videos and speaking. The changes are simple to complete but many web developers simply never think of the visitor who may not be able to enjoy that sharp video production.

Web Design and Learning and Cognitive Disabilities

For the viewer with cognitive disabilities, web development poses a totally different set of challenges. Cognitive disabilities include memory problems and difficulty discerning the meaning of text. Cognitive disabilities are the least regarded form of Internet handicap.

Web Design for Physical Disabilities

The physical disability is one of the most common. Whether a viewer has a permanent disability or only a temporary one, the simple task of using a mouse may be out of the question. Is your website ready for a viewer that uses the keyboard to browse?

Web Design and Vision Impairment

As of late, vision impairment and web development have worked hand in hand to create a unique spin on website functionality. There are tools that can be integrated into every site to read the text to the visitor. Does your website have a tool like this? What other challenges face the visitor with a visual impairment.

Keeping every visitor and every viewer in mind with your web development is crucial to the success of the website. Not every browser is the same and the Internet should be a comfortable option for everyone. With a few simple changes to a websites current design, the site will maintain an integrity far above the rest. Every visitor will be able to take part in the vast knowledge the web developer has to share and that is what the Internet is all about. All of this and more is covered in Tips for Quality Web Design.

This post is part of the series: Disabilities and Web Design

Not every Internet user has the same browsing abilities. Some users need special consideration when viewing websites based on physical disabilities.

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