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Cssed is basically a small validator and developer editor that aims to ease the editing of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This project is an open source application, implying that the user could download both the program and its source code. The Cssed application helps in the creation and maintenance of style sheets for CSS developed for the web. Cssed files can be safely downloaded from a secure Cssed source.

The Features of Cssed

Cssed features syntax validation, syntax highlighting, value insertion and properties of quick CSS and MDI notebook, which is based on an auto-completion interface. Other features include box wizard, color wizard and for dealing with complex rules, it has the selector wizard. Cssed also has toolbar icons and dialogues for CSS tags that are often used. Selector scanning enables property values to be quickly changed and temporary bookmarks ensure quick access. It has a digest view incorporated in the style sheet that is fully clickable and easy to use due to a reference browser for CSS2.

Editing CSS With Cssed

For CSS editors, there is no limitation to this particular language. Cssed supports HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Python, htaccess, SH, SQL, Perl as well as other languages enabling it to be a multi-purpose editor that serves quite well. Extensions are possible through plugins moreover; with Python it can be scripted. This ensures that its functionality is easily extended.

Cssed enables the user to write his or her own XML based definition files for CSS then proceed to insert the properties of CSS and its values in stylesheets. The user could also facilitate auto completion in the basis of a document hence, ensuring that the values and properties of CSS are chosen from the editor’s pop menus in an attempt to increase speed. Insertion of CSS values that are static is direct, but the complex CSS values are normally dialogue driven. The definition file for CSS that is found in this release has full support for CSS2.

Big Software: Little RAM

Although CSS is fully featured, it is supposed to be small to consume few resources and be run on a personal computer with as little as 32MB RAM. It has files whose color syntax can be highlighted, while permanent and temporary scratchpads make the software complete.

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