How to Manage Your WordPress Gallery With NextGEN

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In part two of the WordPress Gallery Tutorial, I will show you how to manage the NextGEN gallery. In this tutorial, I will show you how to edit your photos, edit the galleries, delete galleries, and more. Assuming you are still logged in to your admin panel and in the NextGEN gallery, click the Manage Gallery link.

In your Manage Gallery section of WordPress, you will see the galleries that you have created. To edit a gallery, click the Edit link at the end of the gallery title. On the next page, you will see all of the options you have for editing your gallery. Let’s take a look at some of the options.


You will see each photo in the gallery that you chose to edit. You will notice a large box next to each photo. This is where you can enter a description for the photo. Each photo can have its very own description.


You can also change the titles of the photos. When you uploaded the photos, the file name became the title of the photo. In the managing section, you can rename the photos. Look for the Alt & Title Text section. The fields in this section are where you can change the title of the photo.


To delete a photo from the gallery, click the Delete link in the row of the photo. The delete link is to the far right of the photo.

Viewing Photos

You can also view the full size of the photo. To the right of the thumbnail, you will see the View link. Click that link and the full size photo will load on your screen. Click the Close link to close it or press ESC on your keyboard.

Watermarking Photos

You can apply a watermark to all of the photos in the gallery. Tick the boxes next to the photos in the gallery. Then drop the box down right above the gallery and select Set Watermark. Click the OK button right beside it to apply it.

Deleting a WordPress Gallery

If you want to delete an entire gallery, click the Manage Gallery link. In the manage gallery section, you will see the different galleries that you have created. At the end of the titles, you will see a Delete link. Click that link to delete the entire gallery.

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