WordPress NextGEN Gallery Tutorial: Slideshow Options

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In part three of this tutorial, I will show you how to set up your slideshow options in WordPress. So far, you have learned how to create a gallery, upload photos, and manage galleries. Under your Gallery tab, you will need to click the Options link. Then below that, you will see the Slideshow link, click the link to get started with the slideshow. Now you are on the Slideshow page, let’s go through the options of setting up your slideshow.

Default Size – This is the size that your photos will be in the slideshow. You can create any size that you want here. Enter the measurements in the two fields.

Shuffle Mode – If you want your photos to shuffle, tick this box. This option means, every time your slideshow starts over, the photos will be shuffled.

Show Next Image on Click – If you want people to be carried to the next image when the click, tick this field.

Show Navigation Bar – This will display the navigation bar for the slideshow. Tick this field if you want the navigation bar to be visible.

Show Loading Icon – The loading icon is an icon that will let people know the slideshow is loading. If you want to use this icon, tick this box.

Use Watermark Logo – You can use a watermark to mark your photos. I will show you in this series how to create a watermark. So, if you want too, you can skip this part and come back to it, once you have created a watermark.

Stretch Image – If images are not large enough to fit the measurements that you assigned to the photos, NextGEN can stretch them to fit. If you want the photos to be stretched, tick this box.

Duration Time – This is how long one photo will stay on the screen. By default, it is set at ten seconds. You can change this to what you want. ten seconds is a good duration time though.

Transition / Fade Effect – You can drop the box down and select the transition effect of your choice. If you want to use all the effects, select the Random option.

Use Slow Zooming Effect – This option will slowly zoom your photo in. If you want to use this option, tick the box.

Background Color, Texts / Buttons Color, Rollover / Active Color, and Screen Color – For these color options, you will need to enter the hex code for the colors that you want to use.

Background Music – If you want music to play in the background, you will need to enter the URL of the music file in this field.

Once you have finished with the slideshow options, click the Update button. Your options have now been set up and you are ready to start adding slideshows. I will show you how to do that later in the series. Move on to the next tutorial in this series to learn how to assign roles to users for the WordPress Gallery.

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