WordPress Gallery Tutorial: Creating Watermarks for Your Galleries

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In part five of this series, I will show you how to create watermarks for your galleries. Watermarks are used to mark your photos, so people cannot take them. There are two ways that you can create a watermark. You can create it using an image or graphic that you have created or you can create it using simple text. I will show you how to create them both ways. To get to the watermark section of WordPress, click Gallery > Options > Watermark.

In the section that you are in now, you will see the two options for creating your Watermark. The first section is using an image. If you have an imaged created that you want to use, tick the first field and enter the URL of the image. Then you will need to position the watermark where you want it. Below the preview window, you will see the position box. Tick one circle to assign the watermark to that position.

The other option for creating the watermark is using the text option. If you want to use the text option, tick the Use Text As Watermark field. Then select the font that you want to use. By default, there is only one font that you can use. You can add more font files by uploading them to the nggallery/fonts folder. You will have to upload the fonts from your windows font folder.

Then you can select the text size of your choice. For the color of the text, you will need to enter the hex code and leave the # sign off. The easiest way to get the hex code is by opening a graphics program and grabbing the hex code from there. If you do not have a graphics program, you can go here to get your code. Once you get your hex code, paste it in the hex field.

Below the color field, you will see the text box. This is where you will type the text that you want to appear on the image. You could type your site name in this field or whatever you want.

The next field is the Opaque field. This determines the visibility of the watermark. You can leave it at 100% or you can drop it down some. Then select the position for the watermark under the preview window. Click Update to create the watermark.

To activate the watermark, click the Manage Gallery link. Click Edit on the gallery that you want to apply the watermark too. Select all the images in the gallery and drop the top box down. Select the Set Watermark action to apply the watermark to the images. Then click the OK button.

That is how you create and set watermarks. Continue on to the next tutorial in this series to learn how to change the thumbnail and image sizes that appear in your gallery and slideshows.

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