WordPress Gallery Tutorial: Changing Thumbnail and Image Sizes

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In part six of this tutorial, I will show you how to change the sizes of your thumbnails and images. This determines the size for all your thumbnails and images in the WordPress NextGEN galleries. To get to this section, click the Gallery tab, then the options link, and finally the Thumbnails link. We will start with the thumbnails section.

Changing the Thumbnail Sizes for WordPress NextGEN Gallery

You should be looking at the thumbnails section of the gallery. The first section is the width and height field. Enter your measurements in this field. You can leave the default measurements if you want too.

If you wish to have square thumbnails which are 100 x 100, you can tick the Crop Square Thumbnail from Image field. If you tick this field, it will overwrite your width and height measurements.

The next field is the Quality field. You can leave this at 100% or you can change it to what you want. Then click the Update button at the bottom of your page.

Changing the Image Sizes for WordPress NextGEN Gallery

Now we will take a look at the image sizes. Click the Images link to view this section. When you click the thumbnails to view the full size of the image, these are the settings that will be applied to the images.

The first field is the measurements field. Enter the size that you want the images to be in the first field. The next field is the Quality field. By default, it is set at 85%. You can set it up to 100% if you want too. After you have filled in these fields, click the Update button.

That will change the sizes of your thumbnails and images. You can go back in and update these settings whenever you need too. The great thing about this gallery is you do not have to resize your photos before uploading them. The NextGEN plugin will do all the resizing for you. All you have to do is set up your settings like you did above. When the thumbnails are clicked, the image will open on the same page and it will be the size that you chose in the Image Size settings.

Continue on to the next tutorial of this series to learn how to add galleries and slideshows to your site. They will be added using pages and posts.

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