WordPress Gallery Tutorial Part 7 – Adding the Gallery and Slideshows to your Site

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A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

This is the last part of the WordPress Gallery Series. In part seven of this series, I will show you how to add the galleries and slideshows to your site. You can add the galleries and slideshows by creating posts or pages. Click your Write tab to get started.

Adding a Gallery and Slideshow to Posts

After you have clicked the Write tab, click the Posts link. When the post page loads, you can fill in the title and body as usual. Fill in your other tags as usual too. Then place your mouse in the body of the message where you want the gallery to go. On the top of your editor an icon was added. This is will be the last icon on the editor. If you place your mouse over the icon it will say Add NextGEN Gallery. Click that icon and a box will pop up. Make sure the Gallery tab is clicked. Then tick the Image List field. Drop the box down and select the gallery that you want to add. This will be the name of the gallery that you created in the beginning of this tutorial. Click the Insert button to insert the gallery.

To add the slideshow, click the Add NextGEN Gallery icon again. When the box opens, tick the Slideshow field and drop the box down and select the slideshow that you want to use. Click the Insert button to insert it. Now you can publish your posts as you normally would.

Adding a Gallery and Slideshow to Pages

You can also create pages for your galleries and slideshows. Click the Write tab again and click the Pages link. Create the page as you normally would. Then insert the gallery or slideshow the same way you did above with the posts. Publish the page as you normally would.

Now you can open your homepage and view the new galleries and slideshows. If you want to change the style of the gallery or slideshow, do the following. Click the Gallery tab and then the Style link. At the top of the Style page, you will see the Style box. Drop that box down and select the style you want to use. Click the Activate button to activate it. Refresh your gallery page or post to see the changes. You can change the style at any time and it will not mess your galleries or slideshows up.

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