How to Set a WordPress Blog to Under Construction

How to Set a WordPress Blog to Under Construction
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Need a Little Downtime?

If you need to take your site down for a little while to work on it, you can set the WordPress site to under construction. In this tutorial, I will show you how to set a WordPress Blog to Under Construction and use a personal message to do it.

There is no magic button that you can press to place your site under construction. Instead, you can create a static front page that says Under Construction on it. This tutorial will show you how to create the static page and how to set it as your front page. So, when people visit your website, they will see the Under Construction page. The downside is the links are still clickable.

Setting Up the Page

Login to your Admin Panel and click the Write tab. Under the Write tab, you will need to click the Page link. Create a new page and type your Under Construction message in the body. Publish the page as you normally would.

Click the Settings tab and click the Reading link. On this page, you will need to look for the Front Page Displays box. It should be the first box in this section. Tick the Static field and drop the pages box down. Select the Under Construction page that you created. Then click the Save Changes button.

Now you can open your home page and see your under construction page. When you are ready to take the page down, go back to your Settings section and click Reading. Then tick the Your Latest Posts field and click the Save Changes button. Then click the Manage tab and select the pages link. Tick the field next to the under construction page and click the Delete button.

This method is the easiest way to notify your readers that the site is under construction from the WordPress blog or website. However, some control panels will allow you to set your site to under construction, but different control panels offer different options. If you want to use the control panel to set your site to under construction, you can look around your panel to see if you can find the Under Construction Option. If not, you can email your hosting company and ask if the option is available.