The Elements of Design in Web Development: Intro, Line and Point

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Since the concept of web design goes beyond designing, it is important to have a broad viewpoint. Web design is largely based on the broader topic of design and other forms of art. This means a broad perspective of web design requires looking at it a step away from the web medium. For further understanding of quality web design, take a look at Tips to Improve Web Design Quality.


In design, the basic principles govern how objects are arranged in a given composition. Here, we will consider the remaining elements of design and see how they affect future web development by laying a solid foundation.

Elements of Design

In any composition, the basic components of design must be used. They are the building blocks that constitute parts of the composition itself. Elements of design are built upon one another in ascending order and each of the elements relies on the other. This arrangement is well illustrated in the column. The elements to be considered are line, point, shape or form, and color and texture.


A point is a position element with no extension. This point is limited to one location on a single precise point in space. When placed entirely on its own, the point can be the connecting element for both positive and negative space locations. However, when grouped together in the Gestalt grouping, the closure principal kicks in and the points are seen as being connected together. This compulsive brain effect is understood when one considers the fact that lines or forms are in essence multiple points connected together in space.


A line is a vector element with both length and direction. Lines create forms and contours. They are often employed to bring out a certain design feature, convey a specific feeling or put a certain point across. Lines are used in design to create a certain perception and leading directional lines in a composition give the design a sense of continuance. Grouping lines together brings about the idea of density, value or texture

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