Best WordPress Photo Plugins - Expand Your Photo Options on Your WordPress Blog

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Top Photo Plugins for WordPress Blogs

This is a list that I have put together of some of the best WordPress photo Plugins available. Below you will see the name of each WordPress Plugin and then I will give a brief description of the Plugin. These Plugins do everything from a simple cropping to creating albums. So, let’s take a look at the list of WordPress Photo Plugins.

WP Photo Album WordPress Plugin

The WP Photo Album Plugin was created to make managing and showing photo albums on WordPress easier. This is a very simple WordPress photo plugin and it is easy to use. When you install the plugin and activate it, it will be placed in the Manage section. If you are looking for a very simple and easy to use plugin that will help manage and show your photos, try WP Photo Album. You can download the plugin for free from here.

Flickr WordPress Plugin

If you have photos stored on the Flickr website, you can download and install this program to transfer your photos. With the Flickr plugin, you can transfer the photos into WordPress and albums will be created for the photos. The plugin comes with a basic template for the gallery, but you are free to change the template so it will go with your WordPress site. Flickr WordPress plugin is free to use and can be downloaded from here.

PhotoXhibit WordPress Plugin

The PhotoXhibit WordPress Plugin is a plugin used for creating albums and galleries on your blog. With the PhotoXhibit plugin, you can pull photos from Picasa, SmugMug, and Flickr. If you have photos stored in any of those three places, you can pull from them and create your album or gallery. If you do not have photos stored in any of these places, this plugin wouldn’t be for you. You can download the PhotoXhibit WordPress Plugin from here and it is free to use.

Image Manager WordPress Plugin

Image Manager allows you to edit your photos in WordPress. With this plugin, you can crop photos, resize photos, rotate photos, and the other basic things that you can do with a basic photo editor program. You can also rename your photos and add captions using this plugin. Image Manager is free to use and can be downloaded from here.

Enlarger WordPress Plugin

The Enlarger Plugin does just what it says, it enlarges photos. When you add the photos to posts, they will be added at a thumbnail size. With the Enlarger Plugin, you can click the thumbnail and the photo will enlarge. It is a really neat plugin because you save room when adding photos and then your visitors can see the full size by clicking the photo. The Enlarger Plugin is free to use and can be downloaded from here.