How to Install WordPress Templates

How to Install WordPress Templates
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Installing WordPress Templates is a lot easier than you may think. To install a WordPress Template, you will first need to find and download the template that you want to use. You will find that there are many WordPress Templates that can be downloaded for free. So, your first step is to download a WordPress Template. If you have not already downloaded a template, check out this free WordPress template site. When the page loads, click the download link for the first template. We will use this template for this tutorial. Once you get the feel of installing WordPress Templates, you can choose the template of your choice.

Click the link to download the template. When the Save Options box open, click the option of saving the file to your computer. It will only take a second to download. Then go to where you downloaded the file and unzip it. When you unzip the file, a theme folder will be created. You will need to upload that theme to your wp-content/themes directory. You will need to upload the theme folder, not just the theme. Upload the entire folder.

Now that you have the theme installed on WordPress, you will need to login to your admin panel so that you can change the theme. Go to your admin panel and login. Once you have logged in, you will see the Design link at the top of the admin page. Click the Design link and on the next page you will see a sub-category called Themes. Click the Themes link to view your default themes and the theme that you just uploaded.

The page that you are on now will display the themes that are available. To install the theme, click the theme that you want to use. The theme will load and show you a preview of it. To select the theme, click the Activate link in the top right corner of the window. To cancel the theme and not use it, click the X on the box. If you activated it, you will be carried back to the themes page and WordPress will tell you that your new theme was activated. You can click the Visit Site link to see the new theme in full display.

So, to install a theme on WordPress, you will need to find that theme. Then download it and unzip it. After doing that, you will need to upload the theme folder to your wp-content/themes directory folder on your server. Go into your themes panel by clicking Design > Themes and click the WordPress theme that you want to use. When the Theme pops up, click the Activate link. You can download and try as many themes as you want.