WYSIWYG Web Builder: How to Create Status Messages to Display on Your Website

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WYSIWYG Web Builder is a web design program. The program makes it easy on web designers when designing and coding websites. You do not need to know code in order to design a website in this program. One of the cool things about this program is all of the scripts you can use just by clicking a few buttons. Creating status messages is as easy as a couple of clicks of the mouse. A status message is the message that displays in the very bottom of the browser. This tutorial will show you how to quickly create a status message in WYSIWYG Web Builder.

Open your WYSIWYG Web Builder program and create a new page to work on, or if you would prefer, open a page that you want to apply the message too. Once you have your page open, look for the Ready to use Java Scripts button in the left panel. It is located under the Extra panel.

Adding the Status Message

Using your mouse, draw a box on the page. The size of the box will not matter, it is just a place holder for the script. After you let go of the mouse, the Java Scripts box will open. You have two different status messages that you can use. You can choose the Statusbar Banner or the Statusbar Typewriter. Click each one and look down in the status bar to see how the message will display.

With the Statusbar Banner you can create three different messages. With the Statusbar Typewriter you can only create one message. To create your status message, select the type of message that you want to use. Then click the message in the Name panel and change the message in the bottom field. If you are using the Statusbar Banner, you will need to select each of the three messages and change them in the bottom box. Once you have finished with the status message, click the OK button to close the box.

Editing the Status Message

If at any time you need to edit the status message, you can do so by double clicking the java box. That will open the properties panel and you can make your changes and click OK to apply them.

You should note that the Status Message only works in Internet Explorer. It will not work in Firefox. I do not know about the other browsers. I only tried it in Internet Explorer and Firefox. You can preview your status message by saving your page and clicking File > Preview in Browser > and selecting the browser that you want to preview it in.

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