PHP Nuke: A Community Building Standard

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Building a community in the digital age can be a very simple and easy process thanks to the open source content management system PHP Nuke. PHP Nuke offers a variety of tools, features, and modules to help you create a website that can be the backbone of any successful internet community. Here are just a few of the features that you can employ with PHP Nuke:

Content and News: Since PHP Nuke is, at its very core, a content management system, it does of course include powerful content and news features. PHP Nuke allows you to easily organize various content pages of your site, quickly publish and update news, and to even set news events to be released for a future date that you designate.

Encyclopedia and FAQ section: If you need to maintain a variety of entries with definitions, terms, instructions, or how to information then the this is a great feature for you and your users. You also have the option of answering frequently asked questions for your visitors with PHP Nuke’s easy FAQ set up feature.

Communication Tools: PHP Nuke makes it easy for your web site members to communicate with one another and with you through a variety of communication tools including a private messaging system and an easy to use feedback form to help you stay aware of your user’s comments and needs.

Member Interactivity and Features: Your web site members have an array of options available to them as well. They can participate on a forum, recommend your site to others, create their own blogs/journals, and submit articles and content for the site at your approval.

Site Tools: With PHP Nuke you also have a variety of useful tools for you and your users such as a viewable member list and a site search feature that you can add in a few easy steps. PHP Nuke also offers a range of statistics for your web site that allows you to see and track page views and more.

PHP Nuke is highly customizable so you can achieve exactly the look, and feel that you want. There are also several additional mods (modifications and modules) available that you can add on to PHP Nuke for even more functionality with things such as a races database for rpg’s and many other options.

Not only can you find most versions of PHP Nuke for free and available with most hosting packages, there are also a view sites that provide free PHP Nuke hosting such as Great Nuke and Free PHP Nuke for free as well. What could be easier?