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Wordpress as Content Management System

If you’ve ever created a Wordpress Blog, or even just visited a couple of them, you know that it’s easy to create static webpages on a Wordpress blog. In fact, Wordpress blogging software is so powerful, it can also be used as a Content Management System – and even without having to resort to hacks. CSM Wordpress will allow you to easily create and maintain a slick and professional looking website even if you’ve got zero html experience.

Setting up Your Wordpress Website

Although a blog may be a perfect platform for the individual internet user to establish their presence on the web, it’s not a very good idea for a professional organization to advertise their products or services on a blog. It looks cheap and amateurish, and as a result your visitors won’t take your business or organization seriously.

In order to create a real website in Wordpress, you’ll need to do a few things differently.

First off, you cannot create your professional website at You’ll need to download the free software from You may also want to download some plugins, but that’s optional and we won’t be going into that here.

When you’ve downloaded the software, you’ll need to find yourself a host that offers PHP version 4.3 or greater and MY SQL, and register a domain, if you haven’t done so already. Install Wordpress on your domain.

Now, in a few easy steps you’ll create your page:

  1. Create your homepage and give it page order 0
  2. Create your other pages and assign numbers between 0 and 99 to them
  3. If you want to your site to have a blog, create a blogpage and assign number 99 to your blog
  4. In the admin panel, select home as frontpage, and blog as posts page.

For more detailed information on how to do this, please visit:

Wordpress as CMS in five steps

Adding Dynamic Elements to your Website

In order to make your website interactive, you can add dynamic elements to it, e.g. Mailing Lists, Contact Forms, Slide Shows, Videos, RSS Feeds and so on. Most of this can be done with just the click of a mouse.

Of course not all elements are useful for all organizations, so you’ll have to choose carefully. With each element you add, you’ll have to ask yourself: will this particular element really add something to my website, or will it just distract or even annoy my visitors?


CMS Wordpress can be used to create good websites for all kinds of businesses and organizations. But don’t take my word for it.

Instead, have a look at the following websites – just a few of many built with CMS Wordpress.

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