What are the Key Elements to Consider When Designing a Corporate Website?

What are the Key Elements to Consider When Designing a Corporate Website?
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Corporate website design requires serious planning and creative effort. The website needs to be well-organized and giving visitors a chance to obtain information effortlessly. Sounds simpler said than done. What are the key elements to consider when designing a corporate website?

A website is the online face of a business. It needs to put emphasis on prominent products and services. The website should also give potential clients and partners a chance to contact company representatives.

Navigability, interactivity and original design are all of uttermost importance.

Intuitive Navigation

The average internet user gets tired of exploring a website rather fast. Millions of pages exist, each one trying to attract its loyal audience. The best way to improve the experience of visitors and to keep them exploring the website is through the provision of intuitive navigation.

Menus have to be simple and easy to use, letting everyone know what the website is all about. The categories have to be descriptive enough. Simultaneously, refrain from adding too many menu items – these tend to confuse readers.

A basic rule of thumb is that every page should be accessible from the homepage. Some navigation items need to be more prominent – product categories, portfolio, company history. Use colors and design to differentiate those.

Interactive Portfolio

Extra though should be put in the creation of the portfolio. Corporate website design is all about the company’s products and services. These deserve to stand out.

The portfolio should be the most creative and visual part of the website. Even if the rest of the design is simple, you can make the portfolio flashier and more original.

Apart from the images, include product descriptions and detailed information about the qualities and specifications of each item. When examining products, potential clients would want to learn everything about them. Discover a nice way to present visuals alongside text.

To be more creative, you can even include videos that present products and services in a more dynamic way.

Contact Form

One important corporate website design function is contact with clients. The easiest way to achieve that is through the creation of a contact form.

Contact forms give visitors a chance to ask their questions and to address those to the appropriate company division. Make the form simple and clean. It needs to have a subject field and a place where text should be entered. Also, use a drop-down menu to have the request sent to the company professional, who will be capable of providing information.

Online Shopping

Having an e-commerce corporate website is more difficult and costlier than maintain a simple and static company website.

Online shops, however, come with numerous advantages. These give clients a chance to make a purchase as soon as they spot an attractive product. Further, the client is more likely to buy when the entire procedure can be performed at home.

Keep in mind that maintaining an online shop demands both human resources and finances. You may consider this option and introduce it only when your corporate website has become popular and the demand is significant.

Subscription Option

Website visitors tend to forget the majority of the websites that they have explored. Good corporate website design takes this fact into consideration.

A newsletter subscription option should be available. It permits readers to subscribe for newsletters and informative bulletins. The content of such letters depends entirely on your needs.

The newsletter could focus on promotions or the newest products and services available. Make sure that the subscription option is clearly visible. Tempt visitors into subscribing and use this chance to promote your business.

Quality corporate website design makes a long-lasting impression and keeps visitors coming back. It is simple, yet sophisticated. Remember that it focuses on functionality and information. A corporate website can make or break a business, thus working carefully on it is essential.

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