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Icons are miniature images that can add a lot of flavor to any web design. Whether it’s business, computing, whimsical, or artistic icons, these designers have come up with numerous ideas for creating tiny colorful masterpieces that we can utilize in a variety of ways.

Here are five of the best resources for free icons. Be sure to read and follow each site’s terms of use.

Yellow Icon

Whether its icons featuring the adorable Care Bears or sets based on movies such as Back to the Future or Iron Man, Yellow Icon has a wide assortment of superb icons. Their work is characterized by beautiful, innovative design combined with easy usability. This is one of the most highly recommended icon sites on the web.


Called the Google of the icon world, Icon Finder is a simple and very easy to use search engine that helps you find the icons that you need. Just enter a tag or search term into its nifty interface and Icon Finder will immediately return its results of downloadable, free icons. This site is very helpful if you are looking for a particular type of icon.

N-Design Studio

Nick La has distinguished himself as one of the top young designers on the web. His sites, including Web Designer Wall and Best Web Gallery, have quickly become valued sources for excellent tutorials and outstanding inspiration. On his personal site, Nick shares his design talents with free downloadable icons. These charming icons showcase his creative artistry.


UK developer Mark James generously shares his design talents by offering thousands of free icons on his site, FamFamFam. With cleanly crafted, colorful icons ranging from computing and web themes to global flags, this site is an exceptional resource for any web designer.

Icon Factory

A company that devotes itself 100% to the field of icon design, Icon Factory is the organization that brought you the icons in Windows XP, and their work is seen on millions of desktops throughout the world everyday. With themes based on anime to movies and from the serious to the quirky, Icon Factory consistently maintains its high standards of design, and produces interesting, artistic icons and desktop wallpapers for both Windows and Macintosh.

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