Five Free Online Photoshop Brush Resources

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Every designer spends a large amount of time in Photoshop. A wide and varied Photoshop brush palette can be a tool that adds just the right touch to your work, and can subtly enhance the dimension of your image.

Here are five of the top free Photoshop brush resources online. Be sure to read and follow each site’s terms of use before using the brushes in your work.

1. deviantArt

DeviantArt has the largest collection of Photoshop brushes on the web, and is a tremendous resource for those looking for original and unique art by up and coming artists from around the world. The site does not have a clear categorization system for the brushes, so you may need to spend some time browsing or entering selective search terms to find the exact brushes you want.

2. 500ml Brushes

The Dutch/Scottish designer Kirtsy has a wealth of unique and high quality brushes on her site. Besides a wide range of beautiful brush sets ranging from Anatomica to Zombies, the site also has excellent, easy to understand tutorials on how to install brushes as well as how to create your own brush.

3. Brusheezy

Part of the unique trio of sites that includes Vecteezy and Flasheezy, Brusheezy’s memorable tagline, “Stupid name, Cool Brushes”, effectively captures their excellent collection of Photoshop brushes. Selective about which Photoshop brushes they showcase, the site is updated daily and is a rich resource for discovering new brushes and patterns.

4. Photoshop Roadmap

One of the largest Photoshop directories, Photoshop Roadmap is an aggregate site that collects the very best brushes on the web. Updated daily, it highlights creative artwork by numerous exceptional artists as well as tips and tutorials on how to use Photoshop more effectively.

5. PS Brushes

PS Brushes is a clean and easy to navigate site filled with a wide range of quality Photoshop brushes. Organized by themes and categories, the site makes it easy to quickly find the type of brush you are looking for. Updated weekly, this is an excellent resource for designers who are on a tight schedule and need to find a certain type of brush in a limited amount of time.

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