phpMyAdmin Alternatives: SQL Buddy & PHP Mini Admin

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Many users, while acknowledging the usefulness and wide ranging abilities of phpMyAdmin, have found it be not quite to their tastes ore expectations, and as with many open source tools there are others available that profess to do the same, and sometimes a better, job of the same tasks.

SQL Buddy

Many users have recommended the package ‘SQL Buddy’, another open source package that can be downloaded simply and carries many features. Reviews have claimed it to be faster than the standard, and have praised its import and export abilities, too. Using simple script that should be no problem to users, SQL Buddy requires the minimum of set up time, and comes recommended by many users.

SQL Buddy professes to be designed with functionality and ease of use, rather than beauty in design, in mind and another with similar claims is ‘PHP Mini Admin’ which is another open source package used by many.

PHP Mini Admin

PHP Mini Admin is also a simple to load system, and comes with all of the features that are required by users of phpMyAdmin, and has a number of neat features that converts particularly like and claims that it is ten times faster than the standard are particularly inviting. Offering good levels of import and export, and a great variety of simple to use features, the coding of PHP Mini Admin is simple to understand and easy to master.

Digg is a newer tool on the market, and aims to enable users to perform admin tasks as a single page resource. Its claims of simplicity and great use are backed up by a large number of high profile users, and continuing development is pushing the boundaries ever further all the time.

Lightweight in Design

It is worth remembering when considering alternatives that most are not as comprehensive as the original, and are deliberately ‘lightweight’ in design, missing out some of the lesser-used features in order to gain speed in those that are utilized more often.

The above are just a few of the available open source alternatives to phpMyAdmin, but there are many more and the market will continue to expand as web management becomes a daily task for many of us.

The nature of the web management industry is such that the availability of alternatives will change on an almost daily basis as users look for newer and better ways of making their lives easier, and their daily tasks less time consuming.

Check Alternatives’ Browser Capatibility

There are, however, some important points that must be considered when looking for alternatives, and chief among these is the compatibility of an alternative with the chosen browser of the user.

The number and capability of different browsers available these days has led to a split in users, with some more popular than others, and it is worth checking that any desired alternative to phpMyAdmin operates with your preferred choice of browser.

Alternatives can a be a good way of enhancing ones working life, as they tend to concentrate on what the user needs rather than on often superfluous additions.