Overview of 5 Great WordPress Admin Plugins

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One of the greatest advantages of WordPress over many other content management systems is its extendibility. As a result, the WordPress development community has created numerous high-quality plugins. These plugins are usually free and range from administrative plugins, comment plugins, social network plugins, etc.

This article will bring the list of five great WordPress admin plugins, but since there are hundreds of quality WordPress admin plugins available and webmasters have a set of their own favorites, a reader is encouraged to explore this plugin category outside this article. Before you skip into our selection of great WordPress admin plugins, you may want to check our guide concerning plugin installations.


Every webmaster should perform backups regularly, as one can never know when a data loss might occur. Therefore, it is advised to have complete site and content backups stored on several places. WP-DB-Backup is one of the best solutions for these purposes. This plugin creates a database backup and, besides storing the database backup on the server, it also has an option to e-mail it to the user.

This plugin is available here: WP-DB-Backup

Contact Form 7

The contact form is an essential part of any website. Every webmaster should allow readers to contact either the author of a particular article or the Website editor. There are several great plugins allowing the creation of contact forms, but Contact Form 7 seems to be the best solution. This plugin provides drag-and-drop creation of both basic and advanced contact forms, it supports CAPTCHA, while an implementation of a contact form is done simply by putting one line of code on a desired page.

This plugin is available here: Contact Form 7

Google Analyticator

Google provides a set of fantastic tools for webmasters, and what’s best, they all come for free. One of them is their famous Google Analytics, providing comprehensive statistics about website usage (such as number of visitors, average time on site, bounce rate, featured content, etc). In order to use the benefits of Analytics, webmasters are supposed to add few lines of code on the websites they edit. This plugin adds the necessary JavaScript code that enables Google Analytics logging.

This plugin is available here: Google Analyticator

Maintenance Mode

If a webmaster is performing some minor or major changes on the website, it is important to put the website into the maintenance mode. As it is a case with any other category, there are several possibilities. Simply called Maintenance Mode, this plugin will put a message on the website that it is undergoing maintenance and therefore, a blog will be locked except for administrators that are logged in. It is a very good idea to use either this plugin or some other plugin of this kind, as it is not desirable to leave the website in a crippled condition.

This plugin is available here: Maintenance Mode

In certain occasions, this plugin tends to be extremely useful, as with it any page or post can be pointed to some other link. Instead of messing with the code, this plugin allows both 301 permanent and 302 temporarily redirections.

This plugin is available here: Page Links To