Top 10 Best All Rround Internet Security Suites for Windows

Top 10 Best All Rround Internet Security Suites for Windows
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Internet Security Suite for Windows

Home users enjoy the protections provided by an Internet Security Suite software, for it allows them to easily manage the security protection and status for their PC. Another reason that security suite programs are quite popular is because of the price. Standalone security programs are recommended by advanced and expert users. However, if the price is right and the package is from the best performing antivirus vendor, a security suite solution is never a bad deal.

Below are the best all around Internet security programs to consider if you are planning to replace your protection software for Windows.

Fastest Internet Security Software

Not everyone is crazy about the detection performance by antivirus programs. Some people would rather use a security suite that does not slow down their computer or other applications. Fast scanning, memory usage, installation and boot-time matters a lot to most users. Here are the best performing security suites to check-out:

Norton Internet Security - the boot-time, scanning and memory usage of the security suite by Symantec is quite impressive. Symantec has received advanced and highest ratings from PassMark Software and AV Comparatives. Note that the installer of Norton Internet Security is bundled with a custom toolbar which is powered by Ask Toolbar.

The second place goes to Avira Premium Security Suite and you won’t feel its existence while you are using the computer. The only issue is the installer requires a PC reboot which is odd, especially as they implement a no-reboot requirement in their Avira AntiVir antivirus solution.

The Internet security suite of Eset is called Eset Smart Security. The install process and boot-time performance will let you enjoy the PC while enjoying the protection it offers.

Best All Around Internet Security software

When we say the best Internet Security program, we want it to provide great virus/malware protection, malware detection, and removal of infected files, all without interfering with how you use the computer.

So here’s the Top 10 Best All Around Internet Security software to-date:

  1. Norton Internet Security - the package includes antivirus, antispyware, rootkit protection. A two-way firewall protection, home network monitoring, identity protection, anti-phishing, a PC tune-up and anti-spam are also included. Price: $70 for 3 PCs.
  2. Avira Premium Security Suite - this software runs on a Netbook, a laptop and a desktop. The package includes antivirus, firewall, anti-spam, anti-phishing, WebGuard and a parental control software. Price: $35 for a single computer.
  3. Eset Smart Security - Eset’s security software includes virus and malware protection, anti-spam and a firewall program. It can also check the security status in Windows for missing security updates. Price: $60 for 1 PC.
  4. Kaspersky Internet Security Suite - features advanced protection against viruses and malware and rule-based firewall protection. A virtual keyboard, anti-banner and safe run mode are one of the neat and useful options in using the program. Price: $60 for a single PC.
  5. Panda Global Protection - In addition to antivirus protection, Panda’s security solution provides a firewall, home network manager, a parental control application, safe browser, aka sandboxing, and a backup utility. Price: $72 for 1 PC.
  6. BitDefender Internet Security Suite - the cheapest of them all; an Internet security solution for Windows offering antivirus, a firewall, an anti-spam, QuickScan, search rating for web searches, anti-phishing and parental control program. Price: $50 for 3 computers.
  7. F-Secure Micro Internet Security - this package includes antivirus, firewall, anti-spam, phishing filter and parental control software. Price: $55 for 1 PC.
  8. Avast Internet Security Suite - Avast includes antivirus, firewall, sandbox protection, antispam, network shield and protection for instant messaging. Price: $60 for 3 computers.
  9. AVG Internet Security Suite - AVG provides antivirus and anti-malware protection in addition to a firewall program, identity protection, and anti-spam software. Price: $55 for a single PC.
  10. Trend Micro Internet Security Suite - Another affordable Internet security solution that provides antivirus, a firewall, and parental control software. Price: $50 for 3 computers.