Is RegCure Safe to Fix Registry Problems?

Is RegCure Safe to Fix Registry Problems?
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RegCure Registry Cleaner

RegCure is a Windows application to clean or fix unnecessary or missing registry entries. Any registry cleaning program is dangerous to use, if you don’t know what you’re doing or if the registry cleaning program has critical bugs that will only put your system in a worse state. Is ParetoLogic’s RegCure safe to use? We’ll take a look below.

RegCure Download

Anyone can download RegCure from but you will find many reviews for RegCure on blogs and affiliates websites for

RegCure Reviews or Links

ParetoLogic. Do a search for RegCure and you’ll find hundreds of reviews and different domains for a RegCure download link. There’s no problem with reading many articles on a particular product, but if it seems like they’re biased reviews e.g. for marketing purposes or reviewed by rogue affiliates, you might become the victim of a scam and lose your hard-earn money. is not a safe website according to Web of Trust and HpHosts Online.

The RegCure download and registry scan is free but you have to pay $29.95 to fix the issues that it finds. I think it’s a good thing that ParetoLogic does not allow automatic fixing for the errors found by RegCure, or else a lot of computers would be in bad shape. However, some internet users already took the risk by purchasing RegCure. Most of them regret purchasing RegCure. Check out the links below to find out why people are not happy with RegCure:

There are hundreds of people already that are not happy with RegCure. ParetoLogic has also failed to pay out refunds to their customers even though there’s a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. I wondered why RegCure seemed to cause trouble for so many computers and I couldn’t help digging around to find out why.

Installation of RegCure

General Settings for RegCure Registry Cleaner

I proceed to their webpage for the RegCure download link and received the 1.85MB RegCureSetup_RW.exe file. Installing RegCure is a quick process. A system tray icon is added by the program and it did not automatically scan the Windows registry. You have the option to configure RegCure to automatically start the program at Windows login. RegCure features registry scan and cleaning, start-up management, registry backup, program updates, an ignore list for detected problems and a way to schedule registry scans. A system restart is not required after the install.

That sounds alright. However, the problem is not with the installer or installation process for RegCure, but the detected problems in the Windows registry that can cause problem in Windows and installed applications, if you allow RegCure to fix or clean the registry.

Image Credit: Screenshot taken by the author

Using RegCure Registry Scanner

The initial scan using RegCure found 35 problems in my Vista registry:

Registry scan result using RegCure

To find out whether the detected items are correct, I scanned the Windows Registry by looking at the entries that RegCure says does not exist.

  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{1C5221CB-C1F6-4999-8936-501C2023E4CD} is actually not missing, but it is a Bluetooth registry key in Windows Vista of Microsoft.

  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{2A6CE3EF-9D1B-4CB3-9221-9ACFAEAA42A6} with AppID value {79468CBE-57C3-49F8-ABA2-0C0BBB8C9029} is Nokia PC Suite’s Connection Manager. Obviously not a missing item since I have Nokia PC Suite and I am using the Connection Manager of this program when I connect a Nokia phone!

  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{60A896CA-1649-45BF-B63F-2E7312A968F0} is the Microsoft Office component registry which is not missing since I have the complete Office 2007 products as installed.

  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{777BA815-2498-4875-933A-3067DE883070} is not missing as well and actually pointing to XWizard LUA Task Stub Class @%SystemRoot%\system32\xwizards.dll,-3123 in Vista which is called Extensible Wizards Manager Module.

  • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{AE3BA5A5-2E1E-4fd3-937C-9119AA69E0E4} with AppID {7D45B7EE-DF05-45d5-95F3-B5DF07458232} is not missing as well since it’s a component or module of Microsoft Visual Studio.

    Incorrect Detection By RegCure

All other ActiveX/COM registry entries that RegCure found as missing are not missing at all. If a user tried to fix the “problems” by purchasing RegCure, the programs that require the above Components Object Model (COM) with AppID will not function properly or may stop working entirely.

Did RegCure Find Actual Problems?

RegCure only “found” non-existing problems. The detections of missing ActiveX, COM/Class entries in the registry is not true. Now we know why many internet users or customers of RegCure are complaining about the program and requesting a refund and support.

I decided to check if another registry program will give the same detection as RegCure. CCleaner is a popular and free program that will delete web history and other temporary internet files that can pose privacy issues. The program has registry cleaning functionality. I allowed it to scan the registry in Vista, in which RegCure found 35 problems. CCleaner did not find any problems that RegCure found in ActiveX or COM/class. Not even a single one. It only found correct items that are no longer used or invalid.

People should not use RegCure even if the company behind it has received an “A” reliability report from Better Business Bureaus. The program is not only detecting non-existing problems in the registry but the support and refund option are lackluster! If you have to use a registry cleaner, only use a proven safe registry program. It’s best if you don’t touch the registry in Windows. The operating system is better in handling the heart of it, which is the Windows registry. Finally, do not buy software that does not provide fully functional trial software.

Image Credits: Screenshot taken by the author.