Use the Top Browser Accelerators to Enjoy Surfing Faster

Use the Top Browser Accelerators to Enjoy Surfing Faster
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Browser Accelerators and Faster Browsing

Most web browser include accelerators, allowing users to invoke an online service without visiting another website or service. Accelerators are quite useful for most Internet users, since everyone can benefit from getting their information faster and easier. The usage of accelerators for surfing faster has become popular not only in Firefox but also in other major browsers such as Internet Explorer and Opera.

Internet Explorer Accelerators

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 includes a number of accelerators by default. In my test computer with IE8, I have the following


  • Blog with Windows Live - If you have a free account in Windows Live Spaces, this accelerator is useful for you.
  • E-mail with Windows Live - Anyone with or e-mail addresses can use this accelerator without the need to visit
  • Map with Live Search - Any location (town, street or country) that you find in a webpage can be easily found using by simply high-lighting text in a page to search for it in Bing Maps.
  • Translate with Live Search - You don’t need to manually visit just to use Bing online translator service, but right-clicking text in a webpage using IE will invoke the said webpage with results.

You can easily add accelerators in IE by visiting

The top accelerators to browse faster using Internet Explorer are the following:

  1. Bing Maps
  2. Accelerator
  3. Share on Facebook Accelerator - Note that many websites and forums have the option to share a topic or page using the Facebook share icon.
  4. The Weather Channel Accelerator
  5. Google Define Accelerator

Firefox Accelerators

Mozilla Firefox is quite popular with internet users because of its flexibility with add-ons and accelerators, enabling users to browse faster

Top Firefox Accelerators: AdBlock Plus

and use online services without installing another program on the computer. By default, Firefox does not have accelerators but you can get them on the Firefox add-ons website. Below are the top browser accelerators for Firefox:

  1. IE8 Activities - When Microsoft introduced IE Accelerators, one of the add-on developers for Firefox created a similar accelerator add-on for Firefox.
  2. Adblock Plus - Surf faster using Adblock Plus by blocking malicious advertisements or any ads that uses much bandwitdh.
  3. NoScript - Block unneeded javascripts in a webpage and protect your computer from malicious javascripts or malvertizements.
  4. FoxLingo Translator / Dictionary - Easily translate or define text in a webpage without opening another website or using a service to look up definitions or translations.
  5. CoolPreviews - Browse faster without opening a webpage. You can just hover over a link to preview another website or webpage.

Opera Accelerators

Opera includes browser accelerators by default and the image at the right is of the default accelerators using the context menu. You can

Built-in Accelerator in Opera Browser

also use the built-in Opera Turbo for surfing faster using the browser.

The popular Opera widgets are as follows:

  1. multiWeather - Weather is a must know to many people and this widget for Opera is one of the popular add-ons.
  2. FLV Downloader - For offline viewing of videos, this flash video downloader is quite handy.
  3. Cooliris Widget - Looking for images or pictures? You don’t need to visit several photo album websites. This Cooliris widget allows you to search for pictures in flickr, picasa, youtube and some RSS feeds.