Avoid the "Look at this" Facebook Virus

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What is the “Look at this” Facebook Virus?

The “Look at this” Facebook Virus is actually referred to as the Koobface virus. The virus is distributed via email messages that are believed to have been sent to you by your Facebook friends/contacts. The virus is not, however, the email message. Once you click on the “Look at this” link for the video or picture listed within the email you are asked to download an update for your flash player. The exe file within this download will instantly install itself into your computer system once the download is complete.

In basic the generated virus takes over your computer system on a proxy level. The virus infiltrates the HTTP traffic via proxy from your search engines. The traffic is then redirected to less visited domains. This in basic zombifies your computer system, and can be really frustrating when you perform searches and need to locate the best information. The virus also records all of your contacts and transmits the virus to each of them via email message in hopes of also infecting their computer.

How to Avoid Infection

The easiest way to avoid this virus is to refrain from opening any emails labeled “Look at this” on Facebook, right? Ironically the virus tainted emails will not always be that obvious. Some of these emails are labeled “Check this out.” The point is pay close attention to what the video or picture is labeled. This is usually the dead giveaway that it was not sent from your friend/contact. When in doubt send a new email (not a reply) to your friend inquiring if they did in fact send the message.

If you do, in fact, open the message do not download or install the flash player file. The flash player exe file is the virus. If you receive a message stating you need to update your flash player, close the dialog box. Then go to the Adobe Flash Player download website. Adobe is the creator of the Flash Player most used on the internet, and a visit to this page will verify if the version installed on your computer requires an update.

How to Remove the “Look at this” Facebook Virus

In order to remove the “Look at this” Facebook virus you should follow these steps carefully to ensure proper removal.

Before you begin, check for updates for your current anti-virus software program. Within recently developed updates there may be a feature for this specific form of virus, which will aid your anti-virus program in keeping your computer system safe. Download and allow all of these updates to completely install.

You will need to disconnect your computer system from your internet connection. Do not simply disconnect via the software, but literally unplug your Ethernet cables from your computer.

Disable your System Restore feature if you are using Microsoft Windows. You can locate this by selecting “Computer” within your Start Menu. Simply right clicking “Computer” then scroll down and select “Disable System Restore.”

Reboot your computer in Safe Mode by restarting and pressing the F8 key. Once you are in Safe Mode, simply run your anti-virus software program. Once completed reboot your computer, and your computer will run in Normal Mode. Simply run your anti-virus software program once more for good measure and restart once more. The “Look at this” Facebook virus will be completely removed from your computer system.