The Best Free Internet Security Software Applications Worth Checking Out

The Best Free Internet Security Software Applications Worth Checking Out
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Comodo Internet Security

One of the best full protection Internet security suites available is Comodo Internet Security. The software boasts anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit and bot protection all in one package. Instead of just taking care of existing problems, Comodo protects you from threats while online. Files can be placed in their sandbox until you know for certain whether the file is a threat or not.

Users receive 60 days of free GeekBuddy live remote support with their software download. Whether you are a home user or a business, you can take advantage of Comodo. The Comodo Internet Security suite works well on Windows machines, including windows 7.

With many free applications, the damage is already done before the software does anything. This is why many people choose to purchase security software. With Comodo, you do not have to sacrifice any protection just to save money.

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ZoneAlarm Free Firewall


A firewall is the first line of defense while online. The best free Internet security software applications offer a firewall. Though ZoneAlarm offers a full line of security software, their basic firewall is free. Their two way firewall prevents hackers from being able to find your computer. Alternately, it prevents any existing spyware from sending out your private data. Nothing gets in or out that shouldn’t. If you already have anti-virus software, the ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is worth checking out.

The free version is only available for individuals and non-profits. Businesses should consider purchasing the full paid version. It is compatible with Windows and works in the background to prevent slowing down your computer.

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Avast Free Anti-Virus

Avast Free

Though Avast doesn’t offer full Internet security for free, their basic anti-virus software is free. In addition to protecting against viruses, Avast also protects against spyware. Avast Free Anti-Virus works in the background and is considered one of the best security software applications for keeping your resources free.

The free edition is for home use only. You must register for a license key, which lasts for one year. Registration is completely free. This simply lets Avast know how many users have the software installed. If you decide you want more protection, users of their free software are offered discounts frequently.

For the best possible protection, consider using both Avast and ZoneAlarm together. One protects against viruses, while the other provides an essential firewall.

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Microsoft Security Essentials

Though Microsoft isn’t exactly know for their free software, they want to help consumers stay safe. They now offer a full Internet protection suite called Microsoft Security Essentials. Instead of protecting against one type of threat, their security suite provides a barrier against viruses, spyware, worms and other types of malicious software.

The software requires no type of registration. You only need a valid copy of Windows. When you install Microsoft Security Essentials, the program runs a quick check to ensure your operating system is a licensed copy. You will need an Internet connection for this confirmation to work.

To save valuable resources for other applications, the security software runs in the background. Scans run when your computer is idle to prevent conflicts. Microsoft also provides several other ways to stay safe online, which are all completely free.

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

AVG’s free anti-virus software has long been a favorite among free Internet security software applications. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition offers full anti-virus protection. It also provides protection on social networks, cloud computing and email security. In addition to anti-virus software, AVG also offers free link scanning. It works no matter what anti-virus software you use. After all, knowing whether a link is safe before you click is key to preventing viruses and spyware to begin with.

Free updates are available for as long as you use the product, including software upgrades and virus definitions to keep you safe from the latest threats.


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