Are Skype Video Calls Saved Anywhere?

Are Skype Video Calls Saved Anywhere?
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Skype: Instant Messaging, Voice and Video Chat

When using Skype, you have the option to conduct video calls, which are particularly effective with a microphone and webcam at both ends. Using this method of communication you can take advantage of this technology (and free calls) to chat with friends and family or even collaborate over work-related matters, using the camera to good effect.

A lot of webcam sessions have yielded productive results, but occasionally people forget just what they chatted about, something that might turn out to be pretty vital. It’s at times like these where we might wonder if there is any way in which Skype video calls might be saved.

Additionally, you might be concerned about your privacy, and have an interest in learning just how video calls are treated by Skype, and whether or not they are held in any kind of repository.

Let’s take a look at addressing these questions, and find out just how Skype treats its users’ video calls.

Can Skype Record Calls?

The way Skype works is that there is no central server for storing data, only a peer-to-peer repository of “who is talking to who” and “who is online.”

What this means is that Skype doesn’t have a network of servers hosting phone calls or video calls, but instead uses its network of users to provide this service. When you are signed into Skype, your computer is used to route voice and video chat to and from other users’ computers without you being aware (although you have given consent when you signed up).

This peer-to-peer (P2P) configuration allows Skype to take advantage of your computer hardware and Internet connection to be the functional and feature-packed text, voice and video communications service that we are all familiar with.

As they use this model, it is unlikely that Skype has the means or the storage to record any type of conversation.

However, it is entirely possible for you to record your own text, audio and video conversations conducted on Skype.

Keeping an Archive of Skype Communications

You can manage how your Skype client treats your conversations using on-board software and third party apps.

First of all, you can keep an archive of Skype conversations using the Conversation > View old messages menu option, or by selecting one of your contacts and clicking the Show messages from: links.

Meanwhile, you can record Skype phone calls using any number of free and premium apps, such as Pamela Call Recorder (which you will need to purchase) or MP3 Skype Recorder, which is free. Pamela Call Recorder can be installed with a short trial attached via Tools > Extras > Get Extras screen.

Finally, Skype video calls can be saved anywhere on your PC using the VodBurner Video Call Recorder add-in, which can be installed via Tools > Extras > Get Extras and searching for “Vodburner”.

After agreeing to the terms of use and downloading the add-in, you will be able to keep a record of your own video calls on your PC after using the Allow access button which is displayed in the Skype window. From now on, when you make a video call, you can record and save it!



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