Getting the Most out of Rogers Internet Security

Getting the Most out of Rogers Internet Security
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What is Rogers Internet Security?

Rogers Internet Security is a popular suite of PC security utilities available to Rogers Internet customers via, which offers various broadband packages aimed at residential users with different home Internet security requirements.

Among their services, Rogers offer anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall tools, privacy controls, fraud protection, online storage, automated online backup and more. These security utilities can be downloaded for free or for a set price, depending upon which Rogers Internet Security package best suits your needs.

Narrowing down just what you need, when and why can be tricky, particularly if you’re looking at employing security software for the first time, so let’s take a look at what Rogers are offering with their internet security package.

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Rogers Internet Security Core Features

With an Internet security package customers expect several specific features. These are, of course, good firewall and anti-virus utilities, both of which are available in Rogers Internet Security.

In addition, anti-spyware protection is included, ideal for preventing malicious software from finding its way onto your PC and recording your personal details, as are privacy controls.

Crucially, Rogers Internet Security features parental controls, an increasingly popular home computing function that can allow parents to block unsuitable websites from their children as well as allow their children access to computers, applications and the web at specific times.

Both Rogers Online Protection Basic and Online Protection Premium suites offer these core features. The Basic package is available free and has proved to be a popular choice in recent months, while the Premium package costs $4.99 per month.

However there are many more features with Rogers Online Protection Premium.

Additional Features of Rogers Online Protection Premium

Internet security for families and households is an increasingly important aspect of modern life, and as such requires effective tools to aid in its management.

The additional utilities included in Rogers Online Protection Premium are exactly the sort of tools that are suitable for this expanded level of security, and offer protection from identity theft and fraud, a PC speed optimizer and wireless network security.

You’ll also find that the paid version of Rogers Internet Security also offers a local backup management tool, as well as 2GB of space for manual online backup (Rogers Online Backup is also available at $7.99 per month as an automated solution with 25GB of storage).

Online Protection Basic vs Online Protection Premium

With so much functionality available in Rogers Online Protection Premium and all of the vital features expected from a home security suite available in Rogers Online Protection Basic, which is the right solution for you?

Both packages offer 24/7 technical support and can be setup on multiple PCs – 3 for the basic version and 5 for the premium release – so the real decision needs to be based on both the number of computers you own (or are likely to in the near future), extended security and privacy requirements and, of course, your budget.