Google Chrome – Explore This Web Browser’s Features

Google’s Chrome browser offers a fast and safe alternative to internet explorer and moxilla firefox. Google’s answer to web browsing, the Chrome browser offers faster download speeds, safer browsing, and usability unlike any other browser available. Read articles and tips and gain knowledge on how to use this web browser for all your web surfing and online needs.
When first switching over to a different browser, many users want to keep all their bookmarks and settings from their existing browser. The Chrome browser offers a nice tool that automatically finds and saves information from other browsers and imports the bookmarks and settings into Chrome.
Google has paid much attention to the finer details of the Chrome browser to make it easier to use. For example, Chrome can reduce desktop clutter by integrating pop-ups into the Chrome browser window. There is also built-in security into Chrome to help protect you from Malware that leverages Google’s entire database of websites to figure out if a website may be harmful. If any site or file has been reported as malicious prior to you downloading, the Chrome browser will display a warning message first.

Guide to Google Chrome: How-Tos, Tips and Tools

Google’s web browser is fast, easy and straightforward. With a sparse, clean interface and support for the latest web standards like HTML5, Chrome delivers a rich web browsing experience. The features and enhancements it offers improve your web browsing experience.

Google Chrome Bookmarks Guide

If Google Chrome is your choice of browser, you need to know all about the bookmarking system. Learn how to create, delete, and organize bookmarks.

Most Popular Google Chrome Shortcuts

If Google Chrome is your choice of browser, this guide will help you with the most used shortcuts. It is good to memorize browser shortcuts because you can browse the internet a lot quicker. In this guide, you will find the most used shortcuts in Chrome.

Google Chrome with a Multi-Row Bookmark Toolbar: Is It Possible?

Lets face it, the internet continues to grow and so does your bookmark collection – so much so that the bookmarks bar in Google Chrome quickly fills with your favorite websites. Soon, you will need a second row to accommodate your entire collection, however, it seems Google Chrome thinks otherwise.

Understanding Google Translation Tools

Google provides various web tools, gadgets, and kits that help you translate website or documents. Here we discuss the different ways by which you can use various Google translation tools.

Best Google Chrome Apps to Extend Chrome’s Functionality

If you’re using Google Chrome Beta for Windows and you haven’t installed any Chrome Extensions yet, check out our list of the top 10 Google Chrome apps. These apps extend the functionality of the Google Chrome browser and help you to be more productive as well.

Best Google Chrome Addons for Facebook Users

With the introduction of extension support for Google Chrome, new add-ons are being released left and right. Several of these add-ons have been designed specifically for Facebook users, and in this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best.

How to Completely Uninstall Google Chrome

If you tried Google Chrome but decided you did not want to use it after all, you may find that, even after you uninstall it, some files remain on your computer. Learn how to completely uninstall Google Chrome.

How to Delete Cookies in Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, you can delete cookies one at a time or you can remove them all at once. You can also modify the default settings in Chrome to block all cookies or only allow certain ones. Read on to find out how.

Top 5 Best Google Chrome Plugins

Version 4 of the Chrome browser provides new facilities for plugins, and in doing so addresses some of the limitations of previous versions. Here is my personal choice of the best Google Chrome Plugins, and some of my hopes for future developments.

The Top 5 Alternatives to Google

Google may command 73% of the search engine market by volume, but that doesn’t mean it is the best choice for your Internet searches. Learn about five alternative search engines that may be a better choice for your Internet search queries in this Search Engine Showdown.

What is Webkit and How Can I Contribute?

The future is looking bright for WebKit as companies such as Google are jumping on board. Continue reading to find out how to take advantage of WebKit and become a part of something much bigger than yourself.

Carry Portable Google Chrome Browser On USB Stick

The portable version of Google Chrome browser can now be carried on a USB stick and used on any computer without installing it. Read on to discover more about portable Google Chrome browser, its features and download instructions.

The Advantages of Google Chrome

The public release of a new web browser developed by Google called ‘Chrome’ happened in December of 2008 and was based on the WebKit application engine and layout engine. Soon after its launch Chrome gained approximately 1% of the market share, but by September 2009 this percentage had jumped to 2.8