Gmail: Google’s Email Application

What is Gmail? Gmail offers a web-based email application that can be used for so much more. New users can find how to create and setup a Gmail account the way they prefer. If you're still baffled by Gmail's many applications and features come to Bright Hub's Google Channel for tips, tutorials and techniques. Learn how to use Gmail for mail, chat, storage, and many other functions in these articles for the beginner and the more advanced.

The Unofficial Guide to the New-Look Gmail

Whether you’re a big fan of Gmail or use it out of necessity, you should be pretty happy to find that the slightly tired-looking user interface has finally been updated with a choice of slick and functional new styles. But what else has changed?

Gmail User’s Guide

Of the many tools created by Google Gmail is one of the most complex. This complexity comes from the many ways in which you can create, filter and personalize your email. It also comes from the number of other tools which are included in Gmail and this guide can help you with them all.

Gmail vs Groupwise Comparison

Whether looking for a better email client for yourself or a business the decision is important. A single feature can make everything far easier. Whether this is the ability to log onto your email from anywhere or being able to run your own server the question of Gmail vs Groupwise is important.

Gmail Privacy Issues

Google hasn’t been to kind to Internet privacy lately. The reveal of what Gmail is up to with its ad scanning is a big hit to Internet privacy. If you’d like the whole story on what they’re doing, why they’re doing it and why it’s a big deal, just look inside for a full analysis.

How to Show the IP Address in Gmail and the Gmail Header

If you want to know who really sent an email to your Gmail account follow these steps to find a sender’s email address and unique Internet Protocol address. Also discussed here are the hidden IP addresses in Gmail, along with useful information to stop spam with information from the email header.

Gmail For Schools: What Educators Need To Know

School administrators and teachers are under pressure to do more with less resources and provide innovative services. Making use of cheap or free technology is one way to respond to this pressure. Learn the right questions to ask to see if a free service can work in your schools.

How to Sync Outlook with iGoogle

Your Outlook Calendar doesn’t have to stay on your PC – with Google Calendar Sync you can sync Outlook into a widget that you can then view in iGoogle!

What to Do about a Bad SSL Certificate – Gmail Guides

Did you know that it is possible for a malicious hacker to fake an SSL certificate and pipe your encrypted traffic through their machine, stripping out your personal information along the way? Read on to find out what you should do if your browser announces an insecure SSL certificate.

Making Free Gmail Phone Calls

Learn how to use one of Google’s new features in Gmail, the ability to make phone calls through the browser. All you need is a microphone and speakers plus a Google voice account. Here’s how to use the new feature…

Gmail POP3 Settings: Configuring POP Settings for Gmail Accounts

Setting up a local email client or even accessing Gmail from a mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet computer can often be accomplished by entering the correct POP3 setting configuration. Fortunately, Google’s POP mail settings are consistent and easy to use in most clients.