Get Connected with the Provider for Google Calendar Extension

Get Connected with the Provider for Google Calendar Extension
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Getting Started with Provider for Google Calendar.

Before you can use the Provider for Google Calendar, you need to get your computer setup with either Lightning or Sunbird. Lightning is the calendar add on for the Mozilla Thunderbird email client and Sunbird is a standalone calendar application. Here we will use Mozilla Lightning because it is handy to have your calendar working together with your email.

Go to the Lightning download site and follow the instructions for downloading the program for your operating system. Once you have saved the file, start up Mozilla Thunderbird, open “Add-ons” from the “Tools” menu, click “Install” and then browse to the location where the file was saved.

Now that lightning is installed, grab the Provider for Google Calendar extension. Just click the green download button to save the extension to your hard drive. Now go to the “Tools” menu in Thunderbird and install the extension the same way your installed Lightning. You are now ready to use Provider for Google Calendar.


Making Provider for Google Calendar Work for You

Now that you have it all ready to go, what’s next? First, you have to get your Google Calendar information. To do this, log into your Google Calendar and then click the down arrow that is to the right of the calendar you wish to use with Provider for Google Calendar. Choose “Share this Calendar.”


Scroll all the way down the page and find the public and private XML addresses for your calendar. Copy the address that fits your needs.


Now that you have the XML address, let’s go back to Thunderbird and Lightning where you can configure it with this XML information.

In Thunderbird, click on “File” and then “New” and choose the “Calendar” option.


In the “Create New Calendar Window,” click the “On the Network” option.


Now click “Next.” and then choose “Google Calendar.” Paste in your calendar’s XML address in the space provided.


Next, complete the login information for your calendar, enter a name to reference it, and then click “Finish.” Your Google Calendar is now accessible in Lightning.


You will have all the tasks from your Google Calendar as well as all of your Google Calendar events visible in your Lightning interface from within Thunderbird.

Wrapping it Up

With the Provider for Google Calendar extension installed, you now have unprecedented access to all your events and tasks, both on your computer and online, so you have the best of both worlds. Whether you create an event or task through Lightning (or Sunbird) or Google Calendar, the Provider will make sure that all your entries are synchronized between both locations.

Now you can have all your mail and messages accessible in one place: online at your Google Calendar if you are on the road, or on your computer if you are at your desk. Either way you know that you can stay in touch better than ever!

Image Credits: Screenshots taken by Bruce Tyson