How to Email Documents and Spreadsheets to Google Docs

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E-mailing Documents to Google Docs

It happens to everyone. You’re at work, and that all-important document you need is in Lotus Notes or Microsoft Word and the computer that you’re using doesn’t have either format. Even if you have the document available to you, you can’t access it. Fear not. Google has a method that allows you to email your documents into the application, then you can access them from any computer that has Internet access no matter what type of word processing format is available on the computer. You’ll always have access to important files using Google Docs.

Use these steps to email your documents into Google Docs:

  1. Sign in to your Google Docs ( account.
  2. To upload documents, click the Upload button to bring up the import page.
  3. Now, scroll about half-way down the page and you should find the email address that allows you to e-mail documents directly into the system. This e-mail address is very long and looks different than what you’re used to seeing and you can only use it to upload documents, spreadsheets, or presentation into the Google Docs application.
  4. To email in a document, copy the address and paste it into the To: field of your email application.
  5. Attach the document you want to upload to Google Docs and click Send. There’s no need to add any text to the email that you send. In fact, any text that’s added to the message will be lost.
  6. You will receive a E-mail confirmation once your document as been received at Google Docs and you should see the document listed in your documents list under the Items by type section. For example, if you email in a spreadsheet, then you can go to Items by type and select Spreadsheets. The document that you email into the application most recently will appear at the top of that list.

NOTE: Documents are sorted in Google Docs by age, so if you create a document after you email one into the application, the newest document appears on the top of the list.

Once the document that you send to Google Docs has been received and uploaded you can open, edit, save, and share it just like you would any other document in Google Docs.