Pay-Per-Click Advertizing with Google Adwords - Google Adwords Packages Explained

Pay-Per-Click Advertizing with Google Adwords - Google Adwords Packages Explained
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Google Adwords - Pay-Per-Click Advertising

With online marketing flourishing over the recent years, people have begun to turn to the Internet for advertising. There are a lot of reasons to use Google Adwords. An advertisement, be it for a website or a tangible store across the road, plays an important role in drawing customers and creating awareness. Google presents a flagship advertising product ‘Google Adwords Packages’ that offers pay-per-click advertising and site targeted advertising. Essentially, the advertisement display is free of charge, payments apply only when an advertisement is clicked upon for more information.

Getting Started - Campaign Setup

To begin using the Google Adwords Packages, you need to identify the target customers for the advertisement by specifying the country, city or region. This enables target specific advertising and a wider reach across a varied audience. Additionally, you can also specify the language that you would like to target. The next step would be to create the ad that you wish to display on the Google Search Results page. You need to create a headline (including or excluding the keyword) and the actual advertisement text of up to 95 characters. Followed by this, you need to enter the keyword/keyword phrases. You need to press enter after every entry to keep the keywords separated from one another. There are some tips available on how to specify keywords so that your advertisement is displayed during as many searches as possible on Google. Additionally you can also select various other networks of Google such as: AOL, and Netscape.

Choosing Your Keywords for Google Adwords Campaign

Payment Options

Next, you’ll have to select the payment options for the Google Adwords Packages. You first need to select the currency of the payment. Since this is a one time selection and cannot be changed later, you need to be very sure that you are willing to pay the selected currency for the advertising. Once the currency has been selected, the daily budget for your advertising needs to be entered. The Adwords system also has a built in application to identify the cost for maximum exposure of your advertisement based on previous historical click data of your keyword (or similar keywords) and the targeting options that you have selected. So additional to the daily budget you can also enter the maximum cost per click that you are willing to pay based on the amount calculated for top positioning of your advertisement. Also, you can get a closer look at the positioning and the cost of individual keywords by clicking on “View Traffic Estimator.” This will give you a wider perspective about the usage of your keyword and placement of your advertisement.

Ready… Steady… Go! - Launch Your Google Adwords Campaign

Once all the necessary information has been filled appropriately, as outlined above, based on your preference you can specify your current Google account or create a new one for the sign up process. When you are ready to begin advertising with Google Adwords Packages you need to submit the billing information from your Google account specified during the sign up. If the payment is postpaid, the advertisement begins as soon as the billing information is submitted. On the other hand if prepaid payment is selected, Google will begin advertising as soon as it receives the payment from you.