Google Gothic Search Engine - Googoth Review

Google Gothic Search Engine - Googoth Review
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A Gothic Idea from France is the gothic geared search engine from the creators of and it was supposed to be developed as a gothic version of the powerhouse that Google currently is. The main .com web search site was registered back in 2001 and has been under maintenance since that time. This means that the site itself does not currently work.

Based out of Paris, France both the and the search engine sites were created by a French network administrator who goes by the online name of Ezechiel Von Nutello. Ezechiel wanted to develop a central location for people who are into the Gothic Lifestyle where search results were filtered down more to their tastes.

The idea stems from creating a Gothic Lifestyle search engine that would be powerful enough to rival that of Google’s search engine capabilities. Hence the name, Googoth, which is supposed to give people the idea that this online search site is the main Google gothic search engine source on the net.

Search Engine Doesn’t Work

The search engine site bills itself as “the first search engine with real bat chunks in it. This is the tagline that is attached to the site’s logos seen around the Internet and in the image to the left. The site also provides for a search box that people can add to their own gothic themed websites. As creative as the tagline and dark background may be, there is one large problem that prevents this Google gothic search engine from becoming the powerhouse search engine for the Gothic Lifestyle.

The main issue is that does not work. Upon arriving at the website, where there is an option to make the site your browser’s homepage, one will find that there is no search box. Visitors to the site are greeted with the message that the search engine is currently undergoing heavy maintenance. In typical website circumstances, being under some construction for a bit is not too much of a problem, but in the case of, the search engine site has been in a state of construction since the domain was registered back in 2001.

The search engine site has been updated with the copyright of 2010, so there may be more work being done at the moment. However, there is no workable release date for the site to be operational.

It is also, important to note that, which has been tagged as the Google gothic search engine, is not in any way affiliated with Google, Google Labs or any other Goggle owned web application. Google itself, may not have a specific Gothic Lifestyle search engine in place but Google Gmail account holders can create a Gothic theme placed on the web to call their own. Using Google Sites, Gmail account holders can build free websites made to reflect any area of interest, including the Gothic Lifestyle. To learn more about creating your website through Google, begin with Creating your Google Account. Once you have an account created, you can learn more about using Goggle Sites through How to Edit Pages in Google Sites.

While those who are interested in the Gothic Lifestyle are waiting for to become fully functional, they can visit the search engine site.

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