The Best Google Reader Shortcut Keys to Use - ARCHIVED

The Best Google Reader Shortcut Keys to Use - ARCHIVED
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Editor’s Note: Google Reader is being shut down on July 1, 2013. Users are encouraged to use Google Takeout in order to transfer their accounts to other RSS feeds. This article was orginally published in 2008 and has been archived but left up for informational purposes.

Google Reader Shortcuts

Google Reader has a full set of keyboard shortcuts that truly enhance the user experience much like different themes. Some shortcuts are more useful than others. Over time you will start to notice which shortcuts you find to be the most useful. If you’ve never browsed using keyboard shortcuts before, then I suggest you try these out. It makes reading through lots of feeds a much more relaxing experience. In fact, using keyboard shortcuts is good for better for your posture, than using a mouse, so give it a try.

Most Useful

The keyboard shortcuts that I find the most useful in Google Reader are:

j/k – To move up or down in items. This automatically opens each item in list view.

n/p – Scan up or down. This allows you to scroll through titles in list view without opening items.

s/shift+s – Toggle starred status of an item.

u – Toggles full view mode, so you can scan through items without the left side navigation menu cramping your style.

gh – Go Home.

ga – Go to All Items.

m – Mark an item as read or unread.

Shift+a – Mark all items as read.

The Rest

You may find that my favorites aren’t necessarily your favorites. You also might be longing for even more shortcuts to become super efficient. For example, the ability to open and close items with one key and to scroll the page up/down. Google has a complete table of keyboard shortcuts for Google Readed buried in their FAQ. You can find it here.

Why Use Shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcuts are often overlooked by the average person. There are many shortcuts to learn for different sites and many times shortcut function varies by site. With keyboards that attempt to decrease your mouse-dependence, there is sometimes little reason to bother with shortcuts. While using Google Reader, you’ll find the shortcuts to be time saving and body saving. Honestly, the mouse is not the picture of technological perfection. When you find yourself wanting to scan through 1,000 unread items, it is much easier to tap a key than drag a bar or roll a wheel a zillion times. They really are called “shortcuts” for a good reason.

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