Google Blank Page Virus Removal How-To Fix

Google Blank Page Virus Removal How-To Fix
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Why Do You Get a Blank Page After Searching Using Google?

There are many reports from internet users of receiving a blank page when searching the internet using A blank page after searching using Google may mean that the computer is infected with a virus. Installing an alternative browser is not the solution but may help to get rid of the Google blank page virus.

Free Tools to Remove Blank Page Virus

A blank page as result of your search using needs attention. You need to fix it by cleaning the computer from malware and virus. You should not use alternative browser or search engine as work-around because your computer is infected and it needs a cure.

To start fixing the blank page search result, you need to download the following tools:

  • Anti-malware - If you have an up-to-date antivirus program but it is not finding a virus infection, you need to try using an on-demand malware scanner and remover. Get yourself a copy of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, SUPERAntiSpyware, EmsiSoft Anti-Malware (formerly known as A-squared Free) or Ad-Aware. Start scanning the computer right after installing the new detection signatures.

  • Hosts file reset tool - Microsoft has released an easy tool to reset the default hosts file. Most malware that hijacks the internet connection in Windows has modified the hosts file to redirect your internet communication to malicious or unwanted pages. To reset the hosts file to default copy, download the Microsoft Fix it 50267.

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  • Winsock fix tool - Another tool that was made available by Microsoft is to reset the Winsock settings that was damaged by buggy a software or due to malware. To download this tool, get Microsoft Fix it 50203. Please note that if you have SUPERAntispyware installed already, you can use the WinSock LSP Chain utility within the program to fix the Winsock settings by resetting to default settings.

  • TDSSKiller - Some anti-malware program will detect a rootkit infection but the removal will not succeed unless you will use the standalone trojan/rootkit removal tool by Kaspersky called, TDSSKiller. This tool will find and remove the rootkit that is causing redirects when using a search engine like

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Fixing Google Blank Page Virus

Now that you’ve downloaded the needed tools to possibly fix the Google blank page virus, proceed by using the tools in the following order:

  • Install the anti-malware program that you’ve downloaded. Before running a scan, verify that you have the latest detection signatures. If a virus or malware is found, allow the on-demand scanner to remove or quarantine the detected threats.
  • Reboot the computer when the anti-malware prompted you to reboot. This is an important step, to allow the removal process to complete.
  • Open your browser and visit to search or use the search assistant in the browser. If the result is no longer a blank page but the expected search results from Google, you’re done fixing the computer.
  • If the malware scanner has failed to detect or remove the infection, you should start resetting the hosts file by using Microsoft Fix It 50267, followed by using Fix it 50203. This step is not a malware removal process but we are resetting only the affected module or files in Windows.
  • When you’re done in resetting the hosts file and WInsock, proceed by using TDSKiller then reboot the computer when it finished its job, to complete the disinfection.