How To Get Approved By Google AdSense

How To Get Approved By Google AdSense
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AdSense Minimum Requirements

The first step in getting approved for the Google AdSense program is ensuring that you meet the minimum requirements. Just like they won’t let you into medical school without some biology classes under your belt, Google isn’t going to let you into AdSense if you don’t meet the minimum qualifications to be on the AdSense publisher network. After all,it needs to ensure that the advertisers in Google AdWords are getting their money worth.

You must have a website to be approved for Google AdSense. This may seem obvious, but many people considering making a jump into web publishing try and apply to AdSense first, and then setup a website. Otherwise, how would you start displaying Google ads on your website from day one?

Google, however, already has the daunting task of managing hundreds of thousands of active AdSense accounts on millions of webpages across the Internet. They are not interested in setting up accounts for those people who might end up developing a new website that is a worthwhile place for advertisers to publisher their ads. Instead, applicants to the AdSense program are required to fill out a line on the application indicating the address of the live, already fully functional website to be used for AdSense.

In addition to having a live website, the applicant must have sufficient access to place JavaScript on the webpages that advertisements will be displayed upon. All Google ads are served via JavaScript source code generated when ads are setup in the Ad Manager.

The website submitted for consideration must have a “majority” of its content written in one of the supported languages for AdSense.

Finally, the application must have both a valid address for the delivery of mail (a Post Office box is acceptable for AdSense) and a valid payee name. That is, payments will be made to the name listed as payee, so the listed name must be one that would be acceptable to a bank receiving a deposit.

Criteria For Being Approved For Google AdSense

Meeting the minimum requirements for AdSense program approval is relatively easy once you know what they are. However, that isn’t the only step to get approved for AdSense. Many aspiring webmasters and content publishers are rejected by AdSense because they don’t realize that the website submitted with the application is actually judged prior to approving the AdSense application. For that reason, it is important that your website meet certain requirements for approval.

Google once said that a website needed to be live for six months before an AdSense account would be approved for that site. Times have changed. Six months is too long in the fast paced world of the Internet. However, that does not mean that you can just throw up three webpages in ten minutes and then apply and be approved for AdSense.

To ensure that your AdSense account can be approved, make sure your site functions properly. Google does not check every link or menu item on your site. If they happen to test the one thing on your website that is broken, chance are your account will be denied. So, double check all links and menu items.

Likewise, your site must be composed of “original content.” That is, Google will not approve websites using content duplicated from other sources. Also, certain topics are prohibited in the AdSense Publisher network. Note that prohibited topics are banned not just from your website, but from sites that you link to as well. Remove any webpages or links that go to pages that fall into these categories:

  • Adult content
  • Violent content
  • Racist content
  • Hacking or Cracking content
  • Gambling or casino content (may be approved in non-US locations)
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Sale of term papers or coursework

Some website owners find themselves rejected because they have links to “funny” content that is on websites considered to be “adult.”

Tips To Improve Chances of AdSense Approval

Websites can be rejected based on content that is linked to. Clean up websites prior to approval by removing old links, links to adult humor, and links to anything related to gambling, drinking, firearms, or illegal content regardless of the reason. The fewer outgoing links your site has, the less likely it is that an offensive one will be found.

Have numerous webpages. In the automated world of Google algorithms there is a very big difference between a website of ten pages with 400 words each and two pages with 2,000 words each. The former is a “completed” website, whereas the latter is considered an incomplete or placeholder website. Break up your long webpages into smaller webpage and create links to each page.

Include a sitemap. A sitemap ensures that all of your content will be found. Sampling methods used to test websites won’t follow every link on every page. That may mean that a portion of your site will not be considered in the approval process.

Most importantly, submit a “real” website for approval. The vast majority of websites rejected by Google AdSense are one built quickly with the hope of turning a quick buck. Create a website with an array of solid content, and approval should be easy.