Using Google Chrome

Using Google Chrome
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As web browsers go, Google Chrome is simple and straight forward to use. Everything you need to access your favorite websites is already built in. There are no plug ins or extensions needed to play video or view Flash sites. Chrome was designed to do everything you use a browser for securely and simply.

Google Chrome opens to a page of your most frequently visited pages, along with a list of your most recently used bookmarks. You can click on the page you’d like to visit, select from the bookmark list, or enter a web address into the address bar.

You’ll notice there’s no search bar. To search for a topic, just type your keywords in the address bar. As you type Google Chrome will offer suggestions using its autocomplete feature. If you see the option you want, you can click on it it. Or, you can type in your complete search criteria and press E****nter on your keyboard, or click the arrow at the end of the address bar.

Bookmarking a page is easy. Just click the star to the left of the address bar. A small pop up will appear where you can change the title of the bookmark, add it to the bookmark bar, a folder in your bookmarks, or just add it to your listed bookmarks.

There are two ways to open a new tab. The easiest is to click the plus sign (+) to the right of the current tab, this will open a new tab and take you to the home page. Alternately, you can open a new tab by using the page control icon. This is the icon that looks like a page with the top right corner folded in. You’ll find directly to the right of the address bar. Click Control the current page (it’s the page icon to the right of the Omnibar) and select New Tab. Or you can use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl- T.

The page control icon is also where you’ll find common controls like Open a new window, Find in page, Print, Cut, Copy and Paste. Of course the keyboard shortcuts you’ve come to count on for these commands are just as valid in Chrome as they are in your current browser.

Pop ups are easy to manage in Chrome. When a website opens a pop up, Chrome blocks the pop up, but directs it to the bottom of the page as a blue bar. You can either ignore the bar, click the X to get rid of it, or click and drag it out to view the pop up.

Overall, Chrome is easy to use and easy to learn. It’s powerful enough to run all your favorite web applications or websites, without the clutter.