Google Chrome with a Multi-Row Bookmark Toolbar: Is It Possible?

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Multi-Row Bookmarks

Beneath the address bar in Google Chrome is home to the bookmarks bar, holding all the websites you want to revisit in the future. For some, it adequately holds all their bookmarks without a problem. For others however, it simply does not have enough room for growing collections of bookmarks. Sure, you are given an option to click a button and a popup window will display the hidden bookmarks, but thats an extra click and when you spend a lot of time on the internet, those extra clicks add up.

A simple solution would be to add another row so that the remainder of the bookmarks are visible as well. This has been achieved before, with an add-on on Firefox, yet it seems that Google Chrome does not have an extension that mimics the Firefox add-on. This is not due to the lack of trying, Google Chrome just simply does not allow the tweaking of the bookmarks bar.

So What Now?

Given that so far is it impossible to have an additional row for your bookmarks, there are some things we still can do to view as many bookmarks at once. The first thing you could do is take away the text from your bookmarks. If you have visited a site many times, you should have a good idea of what their favorites icon, or logo, looks like. To do this, right click on a bookmark, click ‘Edit…’, then delete the text in the ‘Name:’ text field then click ‘OK’ and you are done! The lack of text gives you a little more space for the other bookmarks which is great, however sometimes you bookmark an article or blog post and you can have either no icon or duplicate icons without any description, causing some unwanted confusion. This is a great trick for people with collections of around thirty bookmarks but what if you have even more?

Folders are a great way to organize your bookmarks but also to still have them easily accessible in your bookmarks bar. You are able to name a folder and move bookmarks into them giving more space to your collection as well as saving you time hunting for similar bookmarks. To do this right click on the bookmarks bar and click ‘Add folder…’, then name your folder in the popup window and click ‘OK’ and you are done! All that is left is moving your bookmarks.


An alternative to the bookmarks bar is to use an extension to interact with your bookmarks. With extensions, you are able to view your entire collection in a popup window allowing you to view your entire collection with just one click.

One great Google Chrome extension is Bookmarks Menu which works well with both Chrome’s bookmarks as well as Google Bookmarks. The menu you are given is simple and clean with the options to view your bookmarks in new tab, new window or new incognito window plus the ability to reorder your bookmarks by title or simply delete a bookmark all from the popup window. Aanother is called Quick Bookmarks, allowing much of the same options in a simple and neat way while displaying your entire collection. There are countless other extensions from you to choose from the Google Chrome Extensions website and urge you to take a visit to see if there is anything out there that is perfect for you.

In the end, we still cannot add another row to the bookmarks bar in Google Chrome. However, there are many options you can take in order to fix and take control of your fast growing collection of bookmarks.