Removing the Google Hijack Virus

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Google Hijack Virus is a browser hijacker. Once your computer is infected with Google Hijack Virus, it’ll allow you to search anything on Google in a usual manner. But when you clicked on a search result, instead of visiting the actual website, you are redirected to a spyware website which is filled with malware and viruses. You can still copy the URL of a search result and visit that website by pasting it into the address bar of your browser.

Many users neglect this unusual behavior assuming that it is a tactic of Google to increase their advertisement revenue. But soon they will understand that it is a kind of virus. This will definitely limit your internet experience and need to be removed as soon as possible from your computer.

Effects of Google Hijack Virus

Google Hijack Virus has the capability of disabling your firewall protection and internet security software. If this happens, you will be more vulnerable to malware and other viruses that come through your browser. Also it has the capability of associating with other spyware, which may steal your important data like passwords for websites, phone numbers, credit card details, emails, etc. Therefore you are risking your sensitive data if you don’t try to remove it as soon as possible.

Google Hijack Virus Removal – Automatic Method

Removal of this virus isn’t difficult. After removing the virus you have to enhance your virus protection of the computer by taking necessary steps. Otherwise you might be infected again. If you are not an advanced PC user the best option is to install a good antispyware tool to automatically remove it. Here are some of the tools that have succeeded in eliminating this virus. After scanning with one of these tools don’t forget to scan your computer with your usual antivirus. Then reboot it and you will be able to get rid of this Google Hijack headache.

Malwarebyte - Free version will do the trick

Hitman Pro - Scan before ending the 30 day trial period

ComboFix - Some users have succeeded with this tool

Google Hijack Virus Removal – Manual Method for Advanced PC Users

You may use one of the following methods to get rid of Google Hijack Virus.

Using System Restore:

One way is to use system restore feature of the Windows operating system. You can open system restore by the following manner. (Windows XP)

Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore

Then select ‘restore my computer to an earlier time’ and click next. Now select the most recent date before your PC was affected by the virus and click next. Then your computer will be restored to the status before being affected.

Using SDFix Tool:

You can use the tool called SDFix to remove Google Hijack Virus from your computer. First download SDFix.exe and temporary disable your antivirus and any other virus protection tools to make sure SDFix tool is installed properly without being blocked. Now run your computer from safe mode (press F8 key during the booting of your computer before loading windows to boot in safe mode) and it’ll remove the virus.

Your system will take longer than usual to restart as SDFix tool will be running and removing viruses. If you did everything properly you may easily get rid of the annoying Google Hijack Virus.