Google vs Yahoo Calender

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Similarities and Differences: Google Calendar vs. Yahoo Calendar

The Google calendar is part of the Google services, and so you only need to sign in once to have access to all Google applications.

Both Yahoo and Google Calender have two panes; the left pane has a small monthly calendar with highlighted dates that have events attached to them. The second pane takes maximum space with a big calendar, where you can add your events/tasks.

Google Calendar – Google Calendar has tabs that allow user to view events linked with a day, week or month. The default allows the user to see the events of the next four days (User can change the time range).

To add/edit an event, you need to click on the date, month and time. A popup appears that allows you to enter your text. Since Google uses AJAX call, saving an event is very quick, as it does not involve page reload.

Google calendar has keyboard shortcuts to create an event or search an event. This feature is not available in Yahoo Calendar.

Yahoo Calendar – Unlike Google, Yahoo allows you to set priorities, the option to set completed task, track events, and allows personalization (add colors and calendar Photos to events).

To add an event, you need to click on the desired time or on ‘add link’ option, and enter the necessary text. Keyboard shortcuts are not available in Yahoo Calendar. All the functions must be performed with the mouse.

Reminders and Notifications

Google Calendar- The Daily Agenda feature sends remainders at 5 am everyday with all the events on that particular day.

Yahoo Calendar- The Daily Calendar Reminder feature sends an email to the user with all the events of the day in the calendar and task list.

Calendar Sharing and XML Feeds

Google Calendar: Google has XML feeds and iCal, which allows users to subscribe to their RSS readers. To import calendar events to your Outlook and export events from Outlook, you must do it manually.

Yahoo Calendar: Yahoo does not have XML feed. You can share your calendar with the web interface. Yahoo Calendar does have the capability to synchronize your Yahoo calendar with Outlook, Lotus notes, and Pocket PC automatically. Manual import/export is not needed, unlike Google Calendar.

Schedule a Recurring Event

Both Google and Yahoo offer similar options for scheduling an event such as birthdays.

Google Calendar- Google Calendar allows the user to set a recurring event. You can set events from January 1, 1990 to any date in the future with ease.

Yahoo Calendar- You can set multiple remainders for the same event. However, Yahoo Calendar only allows a user to set events from the previous year to the next eight years.

Multiple Calendar Creation

Google Calendar- Google Calendar allows you to categorize events by creating multiple calendars for office, friends, home/relatives etc.

Yahoo Calendar- Does not have this feature.

The Bottom-Line

Google Calendar has an excellent, user friendly interface with various features that will help you organize your daily tasks and events with ease. However, if synchronization of your Outlook calendar is an important feature you badly need, then the Yahoo Calender is the only option for now. Hopefully Google will also come out with this feature soon. But, on the brighter side, you can always receive your Outlook mails on Gmail, and manage things that way.

Aside from that, Google Calender turns out to be a clear-cut winner in most of the other areas in the face off of Google vs Yahoo Calender