How to manage your Google Gadgets

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How to Add and Remove Gadgets

Google Gadgets are a great way to personalize your Google homepage. You can easily play around with the thousands of gadgets available, as it is very easy to add and remove gadgets, until you are finally satisfied with the fusion of information on your iGoogle.

If you want to add gadgets to your Google homepage, select Add to iGoogle.

Here the gadgets are either sorted by Hottest, Most Users, Newest or divided by Categories. These divisions make it easier to browse and choose the modules you want. Once you’ve selected the gadget you want, click Add it now and it is added to your Google Homepage. Simple as that! To remove a gadget from iGoogle, click the close button(or the ‘X’ symbol) on the top right of the gadget.

To add gadgets to your Desktop, select Add to Google Desktop. Here, again the gadgets are displayed according to category. After you have chosen your gadget, click Download. Save the file, then click the .gg file you have downloaded, to initialize the gadget. That’s all there is to it. In a matter of minutes, you have added the dynamic functionality of a gadget to your desktop. If you want to remove a gadget from the Desktop, place the cursor on the gadget. Click the ‘X’ on the top right or click on the drop-down menu and select Remove.

To add the widget-like technology to your website, go to Google gadgets homepage at: Here you will find three categories: Google Gadgets, Gadgets for your webpage and create gadgets. Under Google Gadgets, there are two sub-categories: Add to iGoogle, Add to Google Desktop.

For web pages, there are an impressive 45,418 gadgets available in the directory. To choose a gadget, click Find Gadgets under the Gadgets for your webpage title.

Here the gadgets are categorized into eight different categories to assist in locating gadgets easily. You can select New Stuff to check out latest additions to the directory. You can also change the language from the More Languages drop-down menu.

Once you have selected the category, you will be able to browse through all the gadgets available. When you click on a gadget that interests you, you will see a description of the gadget along with the developer’s name.

For example, if you select Google Clock from the Tools category, you will see a small description and a Add to your Webpage button. When you click on the button you will get various options to help you customize the features of the gadget to suit your webpage. You can change the size, border, color, etc as per your requirements.

After you are satisfied with the preview, click Get the Code to view the Html code of the Google clock. Simply copy and paste this code in the source code of your webpage and you have working clock on your webpage!

To remove the Google clock, all you have to do is delete the Html code from your source code.

Users everywhere have realized the ease and simplicity of using Google Gadgets. The dynamic functionality of gadgets is increasingly being employed to enhance the user’s online experience.