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What are Gadgets and their uses

Google Gadgets are add-ons or plug-ins which provide an added functionality or enhance the consumer’s experience. Add-ons or plug-ins are small pieces of coding or software tools which allow the user to add new or extended capability to existing applications. Google Gadgets were introduced along with the release of Google Desktop 4 Beta in May 2006. Since then more than 45000 gadgets have been developed.

Google Gadgets have been developed to serve a multitude of uses and are compatible with many different platforms. There are gadgets which help professionals monitor their stock, access business news, get Forex alerts, and keep track of the current exchange rate. Technology enthusiasts can download the ‘Virus Alert’, receive current technology news, and even see the current location of ‘The International Space Station’ in orbit. Kids and teens can have an amazing time exploring the ‘Fun and Games’ category which has gadgets for games, cartoons and who can miss the gadget which countdowns to the next Harry Potter book release.

Google Gadgets can be added to your Google Homepage, Google Desktop or any page or blog on the web. Incorporating a gadget on your webpage or blog instantly adds appeal and professionalism to your brand. With the rich GUI and interactive features, it is an easy way to jazz up your website.

Gadgets have been developed or modified to be compatible with the Google Homepage or iGoogle. You can customize it to have all your day-to-day schedules, latest news updates and information on your fingertips. The to-do-list, calendar, weather updates, even Sudoku are very popular iGoogle gadgets.

Google Desktop allows the user to add Google Gadgets to the sidebar. Sidebar is preinstalled with a few plug-ins like the Google Talk messenger, scratch pad, etc. You can easily add an array of gadgets to adapt to your changing needs. Since they are always on the desktop, it is very convenient when you need constant updates like RSS feed, weather, sport scores and more.

Most of the Google Gadgets have been developed by 3rd parties like Google users. Google, itself does not test these Gadgets and cannot be held accountable if something doesn’t work. Google only provides tools to encourage users to develop gadgets and if Google is impressed with any gadget, is willing to give a grant to see that gadget is developed further.

Even you can make your own gadgets. With the use of tools provided by Google, it is very simple to make customizable gadgets and upload them onto your website, iGoogle or even add them to the Google gadgets directory to share with the entire world.