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Google Translate - Basic Text Translations

Want to learn how to use Google Translate English to Spanish for basic text? It is almost too easy to do. To get started, head over to the Google Translate homepage. By default, you should be on the Translation option, and the drop down menus should be set to: Translate from: English, and Translate into: Spanish. If they are not, set them to these languages using the drop down menu arrows.

The next step is to type in, or copy and paste, the actual text that you want translated. After you have done that, simply click the Translate button. Google Translate should automatically translate the text from English to Spanish and display it in the lower window.

That’s all there is to using Google Translate for basic text translations.

Want to use Google Translate English to Spanish to search the web? This is very easy as well. From the Google Translate homepage, click the listing titled Translated Search from the left hand side navigation. On the Translated Search screen, click the use the drop down arrows to select your languages. For this tutorial, the languages should be set to: Search pages written in: Spanish, and My language: English. The next step is to type your search term into the top text box. After you have done that, click the Translate and Search button. Upon doing so, Google will search Spanish websites for your chosen search term. Google will list the Spanish search results to the right, and English translations of those websites on the left.

Alternatively, you can copy and paste some Spanish text into the text box, set the Search pages written in: English, and My language: Spanish. From here, Google Translate will reverse the process.

Translator Toolkit

Translator Toolkit is an advanced feature of Google Translate that allows you to translate and edit whole documents. For example, you can type in an English website’s URL that you would like translated. From there, Google Translator Toolkit will translate the entire webpage to another language (Spanish), and save it as a document. After that completes, you can go through the document and edit the text.

Using Translator Toolkit is very straightforward. However, you do need a Google Account to access this feature. If you do not yet have one, you can sign up at the Google Accounts homepage.

Tools and Resources

The last main way that you can use Google Translate to translate English to Spanish is by using Tools and Resources. Instead of translating individual web pages, text, or documents, Tools and Resources allows you to add a translation module to your website or blog. From there, your visitors can easily translate your website from English to Spanish. Using Tools and Resources is very simple. Just select your website’s language (English). Next, under the Translation optional settings menu, select Specific Languages. Click any or all languages that you would like available for translation on your website. In this case, you would need to select Spanish. Finally, copy the HTML code that Google gives you, and paste it into your website’s code. From there, a translation drop down menu will now appear on your site, allowing visitors to switch between languages easily and effortlessly.