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Why Google Analytics?

Many online business owners complain that only a handful of people are actually buying from them. When analyzing such situations it is evident that those webmasters are not using their web analytics properly. If you can identify where your visitors are coming from to the website, how long they are staying, why they are leaving, what keywords shoppers are using, etc. then it is easy to reach success. That’s why Google Analytics is a very handy helper for you.

Google Analytics is a free tool for online businessmen and individuals to improve their websites. It provides important information such as page views, visitor locations, time spent on the site, ad keywords that attract visitors to your website. These are critical for long term success of a website.

How to Add Google Analytics to Your Website?

The first step in using Google Analytics is adding a tracking code to your website that helps Google Analytics to track your site. You need a Google account for this. You can access to your tracking code via profile settings page once you logged in. Once you found it, copy and paste it immediately before the tag of each page you are expecting to track. Google Analytics helper pages make it easier to do this, if you are unfamiliar with this kind of stuff. After setting it up, your traffic details will be displayed in your account within 24 hours.

Analyzing Visitors

Google Analytics is a great helper in gaining invaluable details about your visitors. In Google Analytics reports, one of most important parts is the Visitors drop down menu where you can get more details about your visitors. Map Overlay, Visitor Trending, Visitor Loyalty, and Browser Capabilities are some of the interesting features of this section. Using Map Overlay, you can identify the parts of the world that most visitors are coming from. Visitor trending allows you to analyze page views, bounce rate, time on site and average page views. These data are useful to understand what pages are the most successful in terms of attraction to visitors. Visitor Loyalty is a fine measurement about your site’s ability to retain visitors. Browser capabilities display general details related to visitor’s web browser, Operating System, screen resolution, etc.

Traffic Sources and Content

Google Analytics displays more details about your traffic sources in your Google Analytics account. You can examine from where most of your visitors are coming and what are the keywords they are using. This information is quite important to improve your website and its content. You can identify the best keywords that help you to attract traffic. In the Content section you have the ability to identify the best pages in terms of page views and average time on page. You can use these data to add more content that your visitors like most.

Absolutely Google Analytics is a powerful helper for analyzing your web operation. It will help you to identify and correct your mistakes and reach success more easily. Therefore it is a great tool that you should use for your online businesses.

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