Great Tips for Searching Gmail

Great Tips for Searching Gmail
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10 Tips for Searching in Gmail

Searching Gmail for one certain email or a group of emails can be an arduous task. Here are ten tips that will help you to move through your searches with more efficiency in less time.

  1. Use the Search function – The search box is located to next to the Gmail icon in any open Gmail page. You can type in what your search criteria and select Search Mail.

  2. Use Search Criteria – For more specific searches, click Show search options to the left of the Search box. This will allow you to more specific information to narrow your search results.

  3. When you have the keyboard shortcuts enabled, you can click on the / key to automatically place your cursor in the search box.

  4. If you don’t wish to include chat conversations in your search, add –label: chat to your search string.

  5. Use Stars – You can place a star on important conversations that you need to reference in the future. To place a star on an email, select the conversation to be starred, click the drop down menu next to the More Actions box and select Add star.

  1. To access all starred conversations, click the Starred link under Inbox to the left of the page.

  2. Create Labels – You can group many emails together by labeling them. To label an email, select the email to be labeled and click the More actions drop-down menu. Choose New label. The label will be applied to any selected emails. To access a certain label, click the Labels tab under Contacts and choose the label you would like to access.

  3. If you place all important emails under a label as they arrive in your Inbox, you will be able to find them easily. Emails can have more than one label.

  4. Use Filters – You can find a series of emails by creating a filter. Not only will it find existing emails, but any new emails that fit the filter criteria will be placed in that filter.

  5. Remember that any and all mail that you keep will be archived in All Mail. That includes emails that have stars and labels. Keeping this in mind and using labels and stars when the email comes in will save you a great deal of future aggravation.


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