How To Filter Your Search Result With Google

How To Filter Your Search Result With Google
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Web Searches

Everyone knows how inconsistent search results are. Sometimes they are spot on and you get the result you are looking for immediately. Other times, not so much. You may even get some perverted term, listed on the first page of results. Searching for “hard golf holes: may bring you to some sites referring to a different type of hole.

This is often a problem for parents who have young kids as well as adults who do not wish to see that type of content at all. However, Google does have a solution for this called SafeSearch. This feature is relatively easy to use, and although not one hundred percent accurate, it still does a decent job on detouring unwanted sites from your searches.

Using SafeSearch

Using SafeSearch is quite simple to setup and it only requires a couple of steps to activate the search content filter. To start, navigate on over to the Google preferences which you can find here. From this page, you need to modify a couple of settings. The first option you are presented with is the interface language filter. Be default, this setting should be set to your country’s native language. It’s best not to mess with this setting. Doing so could lead to a hassle of unreadable content, which can be quite a mess, unless you are fluent in many languages.

The second option is “Search Language”. Again, leave this setting alone. By default, it should be set on “Search for pages written in any language”.

The third option is what you are looking for. There are three main options: Use strict filtering (filter both explicit text and explicit images), Use moderate filtering (filter explicit images only), and Do not filter my results. Choose option one, Use strict filtering (filter both explicit text and explicit images).

You will also be presented with an option to “Lock safe search”. This will prevent settings from being tampered with, and carry filtering settings to all browsers on your computer. If you wish to do this, click the text that says “Lock safe search”, and login with your Google account. If you do not have a Google account, you can also create one on this same screen.

Although not necessary, they also recommend that you use Firefox as a browser. If you wish to try Firefox, you can get it here.