5 Reasons to Use Google AdWords

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Google AdWords is a great utility to drive traffic to your web site. It let’s you create advertisements for your site based on the keywords of your web site or of a specific page. Let’s take a look at five other reasons why you should use Google AdWords on your web site. Implementing Google AdWords is a decision you won’t regret!

Geographically Targeted Ads: You can very easily gear your ads to an audience in a specific geographical area, to increase your chances of getting a sale. With the size of the web and competition that comes along with it, this helps the local businesses bring in sales.

Real-Time Ad Uploads and Inclusion in Results: Unlike similar programs that take days or even weeks to review your ads and get them in the system to start displaying within search results, Google’s system is automatic. As soon as you get your ad together, Google adds it in immediately!

Results: Google is very well known, and therefore their ads have high conversion rates. You’ll get good use out of the money you spend with the program!

Free Tracking Tools: You will get two free tools you can use to track your AdWords progress when you activate your account. These tools will allow you to see the click through rates for all your ads, so you will be able to see where you should be putting your money.

You Control Spending: You set a limit on the dollar amount you are willing to put into ads. When you reach this limit, your ads stop circulating. This helps small businesses, as well as large corporations, because many advertising programs charge a flat rate.

Of course, these are not the only reasons you should consider using Google AdWords on your web site, but they should do the trick!