Learn how to desing your own Google Docs Templates

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Designing Your Own Google Docs Templates

Google documents will give you the opportunity to create letters or presentations. By designing your own Google docs Templates improve the quality of your work. You can make a special template for Christmas, for an official letter or anything you wish.

You will be amazed to see how easy it is to design your own Google docs templates. You can even make a personalized birthday card. All you need to do is to just follow a few easy instructions.

Go to the Template Gallery

Google Documents has Template Gallery from where you can choose a standard design for your birthday card. From there you can add your own design. Imagine that Template it’s the base of your card. Now you need a lot of imagination to create your own model.

Edit the pre-selected message

The template you choose to change will contain a pre-selected message. You can change this and add your own text message. To do that just go to the text box and click edit. Now you can write what ever you want.

Choose your favorite frame

You will have 5 options of frames from where to choose. Try to pick the one relevant to your birthday card. After you did this you can add a video.

How to add a video

To add a video all you have to do is to click in the center of your Template. From there you find more YouTube videos to choose from. You can even add your own YouTube video.

Designing Your Own Google Docs Templates can be very easy. If you have a little imagination and some basic knowledge of Google Docs you have the ability to personalize all your birthday or Christmas cards. Your friends will love it. You will also have the possibility to make your working documents look more professional.