How to put adsense in blogger blog?

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Google’s ad serving application, called ‘AdSense’ enables a person to put text, images and video advertisements on blogs as well as web sites maintained by different site owners. ‘Blogger’, on the other hand, is the name Google has given its system which publishes blogs. Marrying the two together is a fairly easy task and if done well, can result in the blogger earning a lot of revenue through the per–click or per–impression format which is administered by Google itself. Generally, you will find that the advertisements are relatively unobtrusive and also very relevant to the content(s) of the blog, which is the reason for its popularity, especially among individuals and small businesses. What AdSense does is to give a monetary value to web content and the more content rich a blog, more the likely revenue it will generate.

It is a fairly simple task putting AdSense into a Blogger blog. The steps are outlined below, presuming that you have already created a blog in your Blogger account and also have an AdSense account (if not, then these are the first things you must do, by going to the respective web sites!):

  • First you have to log in to your Blogger account and click on the ‘layout’ tab on the dashboard. Another way is to go to the ‘templates’ tab and then click on ‘AdSense’.

  • If going by the layout route, the system will give you a choice on where to place the advertisement – on the side or bottom. Clicking on the appropriate ‘add a page element’ link will place the ads there; you can also opt for both. The clicking action will open a new window which will give options on the type of page element – so check the box against AdSense. This will open another window which will give a ‘sign in’ link for you to click and then enter your AdSense login details to access your account. Those who go by the templates route do not get the option of where to place the ads.

  • Once in your AdSense account, the screen will allow you options on the colours and sizes of the advertisements you want to carry in your blog – a preview option to view the advertisement before you finalise is included in that page itself.

  • Once satisfied that you have made the right choice(s) clicking on the ‘save changes’ button will complete the task.

The next time you log in to your blog in Blogger you will be able to see the ads you selected. As mentioned earlier, putting AdSense on your Blogger blog makes a lot of sense, especially if you maintain your blog well – keeping it topical and updating it regularly. A well designed blog with appropriate ads has its own charms and people will visit it both for its contents as well as layout.