How to make our youtube videos popular?

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With thousands of videos being posted on YouTube every day , it requires some effort to earn the tag of a popular video on YouTube. So what many people do is to take the help of professionals who create ‘viral’ videos that are assured viewer-ship of 100,000 and above. Because this is frowned upon by the YouTube management, the less said about it the better, though a short paragraph is devoted to it at the end of the article because it is increasingly becoming common for marketing people in small and large businesses to get more hits.

Popular videos are generally those that cause laughter, outrage or are too disgusting for words! In other words it should push the envelope. Most of the popular videos on YouTube are under 2 minutes long – this allows it to be circulated easily and also prevents people from getting bored viewing it. If it is a topical video, time matters – because these days new news replaces old ones within hours or even minutes! Videos on trending topics are sure to be popular – even if it is for a few minutes. Videos that get more hits on YouTube are generally those that can be perceived to have good quality, so using good equipment when filming helps – though low resolution camera phone videos are accepted on the popularity charts when the matter relates to news – such as riots, football matches and the like.

Style is another thing that viewers look for when voting on the video’s popularity, so putting in some artistic touches or making it in an unusual format will help. The subject matter also impacts the popularity of a video – analysis shows news reports, parodies, short documentaries, animations and some others have better viewer-ship than videos on other topics. Doing a little marketing by asking your friends to view it and sending out a few tweets or mentioning it on popular blog sites will make your video popular.

Getting back to the viral videos – you can identify these by noticing that the content is not all that great to make it rate so high. What the experts do is to make the video short and design it so it can be remixed easily but take care that it does not feel like an ad. Adding some subliminal sexual elements and using shocking headlines is another ploy they use. Once the video is made these experts link it to as many blogs, web pages, forums and other networking sites to maximise viewer-ship. They use all the tricks of search engine optimisation techniques to popularise the video – and they are succeeding, going by the number of examples you get to see on YouTube!