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Top Blogger Gadgets

With the latest Blogger updates, there have been a lot of terrific gadgets added.. Gadgets are small tools that help you showcase a dynamic content. Blogger is always adding to the gadget repository. Adding these gadgets allows better user interactivity and helps get regular traffic to your blog.

The following gadgets are used to bring more traffic, allow readers search your blog, explore your blog archive, and create tag clouds. To add these gadgets, sign in to your Blogger account. Choose the blog to which you’d like to add gadgets,and click layout. On the page layout you will find Add a gadget. Click on it.

If you use the classic template you may not be able to add these gadgets to your blog.

1. Subscription links

Adding subscription links is one of the ways to bring regular traffic to your blog. With this gadget, your blog users can easily subscribe to your blog and comments through popular feed readers like Google Reader, Bloglines, Netvibes, and other services.

2. Search Box

This gadget offers complete search of your blog including blog roll. Now you can create and integrate your own Custom Google Search Engine into your blog and you can fine tune the search engine to display results relevant to your readers. If you sign up the Google Adsense, you can earn money through the ads that are displayed besides the search results.

3. Labels

Labels not only help you to tag blog posts but also help your users to quickly find what they want to read from your blog. In the gadget setting you may prefer to display labels alphabetically or selected labels or even create a tag cloud at a single click!

4. Blog archive

It provides an easy access to your blog archive. You could customize how your archive should be listed and preview them.

5. Share it

This gadget allows your users to share your blog or bookmark in popular social networking or bookmarking sites. This brings tons of traffic from social networking sites.

6. Recent posts and comments

Displaying recent posts at side bar of your blog hooks up your users. They catch your reader’s attention instantly. This gadget is very useful if you have lot of updates. You can customize the gadget to display number of recent posts, summary length of blog spots and other features. To display the recent comments, you may have to use separate gadget Recent Comments.

7. Twitter updates

Show off your Twitter updates to your users. All it takes to display your twitter updates is just your Twitter username. If you prefer you may link to your twitter page.

8. Digg 2.0

Display the best of news, images and videos from Digg. You can easily customize the gadget to display the type of topic, comments and other stuff from Digg.

9. Event

Promote your events on Blogger with this gadget. Members of your blog can get details of the event including date, location and see others comments. Event dates could be exported to member’s Google calendar too.

10. Polls

This gadget is handy to create polls. Just enter the poll question, options, closing date and have compelling polls in seconds.

There are several third party gadgets available too. Those gadgets could be added to your blog through HTML/JavaScript gadget. Just copy the code of the gadget and save the changes.